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Asas Gerakan (Basic of movement, la base de mouvement)is the basic moves that we learn in Silat Seni Gayong. The Asas Gerakan is the movements we train in the beginning to familiarize with the technique used during the combat.

I am not sure in the first era of Gayong in Singapore how many Asas Gerakan that the late Dato' had arranged, but based on the syllabus I learned (from Cikgu Azizan Ibrahim, who learned from Cikgu Amin Hamzah) and also (from Cikgu Rais Shaari who learned from Cikgu Rasol) and also (from Cikgu Wan Kancil who learned from Cikgu Mufti Ansaari), the "almost official" syllabus of Asas Gerakan comprise of 7 levels.

Asas Gerakan 1 (hitam-putih)

Asas Gerakan 2 (putih-hijau)

Asas Gerakan 3 (hijau-merah)

Asas Gerakan 4 (merah-merah tinggi)

Asas Gerakan 5 (merah tinggi-kuning)

Asas Gerakan 6 (kuning-kuning tinggi)

Asas Gerakan 7 (kuning tinggi-HPCS)

I am sure that every Gurulatih and Negeri (states) has their own Asas Gerakan. In Kelantan for example, we use the syllabus that Cikgu Awang Daud and the late Cikgu Haji Harun taught in the 70's and 80's. From Cikgu Suhaili Che Soh who learned from Cikgu Ibrahim Yasok and Tuan Haji Mansor Othman, the syllabus of Asas Gerakan are more like this:

Asas Gerakan Hitam Kosong

Asas Gerakan Putih

Asas Gerakan Hijau

Asas Gerakan Merah Rendah

**with no specific Asas Gerakan in Kuning and HPCS.

The diversity of Asas Gerakan, Asas Serangan and Asas Elakan in Silat Seni Gayong proves the richness and flexibility in Silat Seni Gayong. The late Dato' Meor didn't only left his wide knowledge in the martial art, but also had left a group of "super" disciples who had created Silat Seni Gayong that we could see until today. My knowledge is limited to what I had learned only. Others Gurulatihs out there surely have your own syllabus that you'd grown with. My wish is that we can meet, have a good discussion, and share the ideas and syllabus that will bring more benefit to our perguruan.

I had once a good discussion at Dublin (Ireland) in the 2007, when I presented the basic syllabus of PSSGM Kelantan, while Cikgu Hafiz presented the basic syllabus of PSSGM Perak, Cikgu Rais presented the basic syllabus of PSSGM Selangor and Cikgu Faiz presented the basic syllabus of PSSGWK. After a whole and complete disscussion, the knowledge gained, and the bond tied. The popular quotation (translation) of Dato' Meor "I didn't teach Gayong to only one student. So go and find Gayong from all of my students".

This is only the diversity of Asas Gerakan. How about other lessons???? ;)

P/S: please correct me if there is some misinformation.

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