Friday, June 22, 2012

"Bihun Ketam"

Since few days, I know no more a good sleep, a comfortable bed and soft pillow. It is because of the horrible season of every lecturer's nightmare : marking the paper and key in the marks! 8) I have to get back to my blog world, it has been a while none updated here in narapatinantaboga. Well just to warm up before a real game, we start with Bismillah and have a nice meal..... he he he. The Crab Curry Noodle restaurant was just a few meters of the graveyard of the Panglima Hitam (Black Knight), the great grandfather of Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman.

We had a visit to the graveyard of the late Allahyarham Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman, the late Allahyarhamah his wife and his daughter Cikgu Siti in Taiping,  and lastly to the graveyard of the Dato' Panglima Hitam. He was the late Daeng Kuning, one of the Bugis princes who fled away all around Nusantara after the fall of their dynasty due to the civil war and the colonization of the Holland. 

We are planning InsyaAllah to trace the origins of those seven prince of Sulawesi. It should be quite costing even though with the AirAsia! ;) One of my Bugis Master, Guru Besar Andi Halilintar of Tapak Naga had talked to me so many things about the Bone people and the fighters.  I admit that, the essence of Silat Seni Gayong, which is the Seni Sendi Harimau,  has a lot of similarities with the Bugis pencak silat like his Tapak Naga. Tentritata Arung Palakka, was a king of Bone who was a fearsome fighter of double swords or machetes. There was also a name mentioned by one of my Bugis friend, Arung Matoa, who was believed to be one of the Master of the Cindai techniques.

It's already morning. I have to go now. I still have few marks to be key in, and we have to go to KL for the ceremony organized at Kg. Pandan. InsyaAllah, God willing, see you all tonight. ;)

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