Monday, June 25, 2012

GCP ke Perak (1): Cikgu Mat Putih

 Naga Rantau with Cikgu Mat Putih

Cikgu Mat Putih, or also called Cikgu Mat Jepun, is one of the senior Gurulatih that is still active in Perak. It was started during the ceremony at Kedah last time where I met Cikgu Noriman, his son. We exchanged the contact numbers and alhamdulillah during our Kembara GCP last time in Perak we took that chance to visit this Master. His true name, Cikgu Ahmad Ismail, was called by Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman as "Singa Putih", the White Lion, after he had done amazingly a "menghambur" of (if I'm not mistaken), 21 persons in a line.

Cikgu Noriman, Cikgu Mat Putih's Son

 Donn F. Draeger had came interviewed Dato' Meor once. Dato' and Cikgu Mat Putih here in the photo were showing a Keris technique.

The flying kick of Cikgu Ahmad Putih

Cikgu Ahmad Ismail also went to Japan with the late Dato' Meor and a team of Gayong Pesilat to make the demonstration in front of the Emperor of Japan at that time. They were invited to show the art of Silat Seni Gayong to the public of Japanese people and the media.

We arrived at his house very very very late at night. But alhamdulillah, Cikgu Mat Putih and his students were still waiting for us and we had a very good moment there even though in a very short time. After having the discussion, Cikgu Ahmad Putih gave us some presents from him, a poem that he wrote once when he was younger. Even our bus driver, joined us to have the discussion. After that we had to take the leave go back to Universiti Malaysia Pahang. Thank you very much to Cikgu Mat Putih, Cikgu Noriman, his family, and Cikgu-Cikgu of Gelanggang Singa Putih. Jazakumullahu khair and hope to meet again insyaAllah. ;)

And that small boy will always join his daddy's photo with the Master. He he he he he

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