Monday, June 25, 2012

GCP ke Perak (3): Tok Ulung Kg Gajah

Cikgu Nordin and Cikgu Abdul Rani (Tok Ulung)

Old Master, Cikgu Abdul Rani bin Ngah Unah is known as "Tok Ulung" among of his disciples. Living in Kg. Gajah, he has not only trained his student of the art of Silat Seni Gayong, but also has trained his sons to continue his effort of keeping this precious art generation to generation. Tok Ulung started learning Silat Seni Gayong when he was in Singapore as an army. It was there he met one who later on became one of his best friend. Tok Ulung learned Gayong when Gayong School at woodland was still operating. There he was trained by Dato' Meor for at least 4 years until getting his Red belt. He is close with Cikgu Nordin and Cikgu Sidek.
 Pak Sidek (at left, in front), Cikgu Nordin (sitting 2 from right) and Tok Ulung (standing first from right)

Tok Ulung has a son named Cikgu Yeop, and Cikgu Yeop is the Gurulatih of a Gurulatih (Cikgu Faisal) one of my student in UMP. Since we met in UPSI, then everything seems connecting easily. ;) Talking about the syllabus of Silat Seni gayong in Singapore, Tok Ulung said that it was very simple technique. And in Singapore, there weren't yet the name of the Kunci Mati or what.

-I would like to thank to Cikgu Yeop, Tok Ulung and all of his family members for welcoming us. Hope to meet again in the future. Amin.....-

Pak Yeop and his brother show the Elakan and Tapak 4 of Gayong
Lambang lama yang masih diguna pakai

 Tok Ulung didn't let us leaving without anything. He taught some Petua and Amalan that could be very useful for the Anak Gayong. 

Naga Rantau with Tok Ulung's family 

Certificate of Red Belt (Level 2) 

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