Sunday, June 24, 2012

KING OF FIGHTER (1.0) 2012 Universiti Malaysia Pahang

PEKA5, under the Principal of KK5 had successfully organized the King Of Fighter (1.0) 2012 on 12th May 2012 at Student Centre, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Campus of Pekan. It was a closed competition only for UMP students. That kind of competition is the first time ever organized in Universiti Malaysia Pahang and especially in KK5 of Pekan. The initial idea was to make a traditional-like competition like Silat Olahraga, Muay Thai, Taekwondo or Karate version. But after lot of discussion and meeting with the Board of Juries, the KOF committee had decided to introduce the grappling, throw and locks in the game. Based on the UFC, MMA and K1 style, we manage to make the KOF as a reality. The KOF videogame in the 90's had bring a lot the memories to those fighters. It is a free-style fight and  without rules. But seems we don't want any serious injuries, we make the rules so that every fighters could play safely and wisely without worrying the fatal risk seems all of the participant are the UMP students.

As the organizer and also the Chief of Board of Juries, I would like to express my thanks to PNC JHEPA, Prof. Dr. Yusserie Zainuddin for approving the proposal of KK5 of organizing this event. Also to all of the committee of KOF 2012, who had worked until 4 in the morning, and also to all the Fighters who had shown the great talents and skills with a very professional and sport-spirit attitude. Last but not least the Wasit and Juries who had stayed from 8 a.m in the morning until 12 a.m at midnight. And to all of the guest, the supporters, thank you for making this event even happening with your voice! ;)

The CDs is ready and can be bought from the committee. 

Wait for the KOF 1.1 in the next semester. Better game, better prizes! ;)

-Shaiful Hakim Mohamed Noor, the Principal of KK5-
(Chief of Board of Juries) be continued....
(photos of the event and trailer video of KOF 1.0 2012)

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