Friday, October 18, 2013

"Booth" Naga Rantau @Hari Kokurikulum UMP '13

Hari Kokurikulum is a day of appriciation for all of the students and the advisers of the student clubs or association in UMP. Those who had excelled during the whole year in the co-curricular activities were rewarded with the token and medals. At the same day, the students were allowed to make the performances in front of the staffs and students, especially the new ones who had just registered as the first year in UMP. Our team of Naga Rantau didn't let that chance go away and used it to find the new comers into our association. Since many of our seniors had graduated this year, we need absolutely the new 'pelapis' for the legacy of our Gelanggang.

Our booth was visited by the students and staffs, especially the TNC HEPA Professor Dr Yuserrie Zainuddin and the JHEPA staffs. I would like to thanks to all of the Naga Rantau team members for making this happen.

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