Friday, October 18, 2013

Penubuhan Kelab Dikir Barat KK5 : "Seri Juwita Inderapura"

Team "Seri Juwita Inderapura" VS Team "Warisan Seri Pujangga"

After months of planning, we had successfully organized a "Dikir Barat Workshop" for the KK5 students (UMP Pekan) and also for the students from UMP Gambang. About 80 students, from gambang and Pekan participated the workshop which had been conducted by 2 outside instructors, Mr. Zainudin bin Mohamad a.k.a Pok Lat and one of his best student in Dikir Barat, Cikgu Saiful. Cikgu Saiful is also surprisingly the Silat advisor for our Gelanggang Angkat at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Gambang. One whole day workshop, with the aid of the expert senior students had helped a lot the newcomers to learn faster. There were 4 parts, which including the training for the Tok Jora (singer), Tukang Karut (spontaneous 'rapper'),  Awok- Awok (those who clap hands and sing the chorus parts), and lastly the Muzik (Rebano, Gong, Marakas, Canang etc). This Dikir team of KK5 Pekan is named as "Seri Juwita Inderapura" as the Gambang team was known with the name of "Warisan Seri Pujangga". Thank you to all of the AJK Dikir Barat, Pn Fiza the Pekan Unit Budaya of JHEPA, Fikri Gani a senior student of Gambang who helped me a lot for realizing this, and also to Pok Lat and Cikgu Saiful for that awesome workshop. Hope to see you two in our next workshop insyaAllah. ;) 

Me, Pok Lat and Cikgu Saiful

 Rahmat, chief Dikir Barat Pekan

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