Friday, October 18, 2013


Oh God, Alhamdulillah. I got a precious chance of joining the 'shooting' training at Kem Galing, Kuantan with all of the top management staffs from UMP and the Pahang PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police). And luckily the MC had mistakenly called my name more than 2 times which means that I had completely enjoyed my 5 round shootings with 3 scenarios/targets. Nice nice and nice. The same hand that hold Keris must be comfortable to hold any firearm. Damn, I know now why I had always dreamed to be in the Army, especially the Air Force. But the destiny has come, not a chance than being a lecturer in a class of 50 students, teaching the fluid mechanics, heat transfer, thermodynamics, thermofluid engineering and aerodynamics. Still a good life though! ;) However, I am sure now I'm looking for an enrollment for a shooting club here at Kuantan. Quite expensive but still affordable for a new hobby! ;)

Instructor explained the format of the competition

individual booth

from 10mand up to 20m

Prof Yuserrie with the chief of Pahang PDRM

"haaaa.. korang jangan buat balik naaa.... nanti kena tangkap naaaa"

tolong2 kutip dah abes main

peluru2 yg kemek kena papan besi

Team Naga Rantau dalam SUKSIS

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