Saturday, October 19, 2013


For third times already I'm witnessing the Gayong seniors, my students in Gelanggang, especially those Jurulatihs/Guurlatihs who had done a great job in helping me propagating Silat Seni Gayong in UMP and the surroundings, graduating and leaving us again and again. Eventhough it's hard and sad but it's what we have been preparing until now. I know that someday those students will leave the Gelanggang, with the juniors, the beginners to be trained and to be 'formed' again like the elders. But when they arrive at the point of having their Gayong skills at a satisfactory level, or even good, or even passed their  Red belt of Chula 1, Chula 2, Chula 3 and even Yellow belt, it's already 4 years and they have to move on in a new chapter of life. My wish is that everyone of them won't forget what they had learned, and be a man that makes good thing to others. If you can, don't stop learning Gayong, and try to open your own Gelanggang. It is not an easy life to have a professional life, being a husband/father and at the same time to maintain one or two Gelanggangs. What I have been doing and teaching you all in Gelanggang Naga Rantau is that; I'm not teaching you to be a follower or a below-than-average-level Anak Gayong. I train you to be a great teacher one day. As what my Master and Masters did to me is they believe and trust me with the precious lesson of Gayong, and made me of what I am. What I've learned had been taught to you all as a guidance to be a Gayong teacher in the future insyaAllah. Gayong is our's and don't let those who don't know the real Gayong "life" to lead our federation in the future! It is on us those who could be a professional and Anak Gayong at the same time that will take that responsibility to be the LEADERS in Gayong. Ingat..... Ga Alif Ya Waw Nga... 

Congratulation to : Achoi, Su, Epol, Izzati, Hanifan, Bad, Mino, Tok Adi, dan Ten Ten... and not to forget those who I didnt see on that marvelous day. Selamat Bergraduasi!!!! ;)

Our last training at our Naga Gambang Gelanggang. Blok W

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