Friday, October 18, 2013

Kejuaran Seni Beladiri Silat Seni Gayong Peringkat Negeri Kelantan

Team Naga Rantau 

On the last 28th September, our team Naga Rantau had participated in the "Kejuaraan Seni Beladiri Silat Seni Gayong" organized by the PSSGM Kelantan. Since I am Kelantanese, I grew up in Kelantan , learned my first step in Gayong in Kelantan, and most of my Masters are Kelantanese, so I had that honor of "presenting" my students to all my Masters and Gayong friends. It is always a good attitude to bring your students to pay a visit to your Master. And this event was not only participated by the Gayong Malaysia (PSSGM), but also the Pusaka Gayung (PSSPGM), the Gayong Warisan (PSSGWSM), the Gayong Serantau (PSGSM) and Gayong 3 Kalimah (the late Pak Jab's family) had participated in this tournament. In one word, it was a place where we met everyone Anak Gayong in Kelantan, with no boundaries among us. In Silat, the tradition is much more kept and sometime, the old crisis were "inherited" years from the master to his students and continues until neverending period. Sometime, the clash of a simple thing like how to hold a Kunci 17 technique, or pukulan 7-real-steps could make a great distances among us. The thing is we had forgot that 'Pandang dari yg Satu pada yang banyak, dan dari yang banyak pada yang Satu' ("To look from one to many, and from many to one") is the real truth that one must seek. With this truth, no difference could create the boundaries between us. It is the time, for my point of view that all of the Gayong family could gather no matters the colors of dragons we wear. I can only wish. Strive and Wait for the destiny to reveal. 

Thank you for the organizer, especially to Tok Ayah Lah, YDP PSSGM Kelantan, Cikgu Him Chairman of the tournament, Dato' Ir Shaari for the support, Che Mohd Hanif secretary and all of the committee of the tournament. Thank you for letting us departing to UMP with 3 Gold and 9 Silver. ;) Congratulation to the winners and don't be sad for those who didn't get any medal. It was just not our time yet. ;)

Solo Lelaki: Gold
Solo Perempuan: Silver
Tempur Tangan Kosong Lelaki: None
Tempur Tangan Kosong Perempuan: Gold
Kunci Mati Lelaki: Silver
Kunci Mati Perempuan: Silver
Pentas Keris Lelaki: None
Pentas Keris Perempuan: Silver

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