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Kem Khidmat Komuniti dan Motivasi Berasaskan Silat '13 (KIKOS)

Final preparation before going for the camp

One of our projects of Naga Rantau is to contribute to the surround community as one the obligation as a part of the community itself. To be a Pesilat, is not only to be strong and good for oneself. A Pesilat, especially a Anak Gayong, is the one who brings good thing to others around him/her. For that purpose, all of the Anak Gayong from our Gelanggang, who had obtained their Jurulatih title (Red Belt) , they were assigned to open a Gelanggang anywhere near by the university. One Jurulatih of Red Belt will be assisted by few of Green Belt students. As a teacher here, surely I can teach them all of the techniques and give them the information about Silat Seni gayong. But I surely can't give them or teach them the art of "Teaching Silat Seni Gayong". To teach this art, it requires not only the mastery in the techniques itself, but the experiences counts a lot. As one of my master says "If you don't teach, than you will forget. If you don't practice, than you will be weak. If you don't open a Gelanggang, than you will be never understand the art". 

Using this project under the 'Unit Aktiviti' JHEPA for the opening of these Gelanggang, called as "Gelanggang Angkat", for the time being we manage to get two Gelanggang: a secondary school at Gambang and other at Pekan. Our intention is to broader our Gelanggang for a maximum since we have more than 10 Jurulatihs every academic year. For the first time, we gathered all of the Anak Naga Rantau Gambang and Pekan, ALUMNI Naga Rantau, and also the students from both school, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Gambang and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Inderashahbandar Pekan for a program of "Kem Khidmat Komuniti dan Motivasi Berasaskan Silat" (KIKOS). This is a program that run under the Kolej Kediaman Pelajar 5 (KK5) of UMP Pekan. This is a Silat-Dicipline-Motivation camp where the students were trained to be a leader, team work attitudes, confidence, most importantly is the "respect" to their parents, teachers, the elders and anyone else. This is one of our effort to help the community (where we are all the community) since nowadays more and more teenagers are lack of those kind of "attitude education".
As for the UMP staff, I were assisted by Cikgu Fahmi (Assistant Staff at KK5) and Cikgu Razhan (Teaching Engineer at UMP Gambang) during the whole camp. The ALUMNI Naga Rantau, Cikgu Haziq, Cikgu Ari, Cikgu Sab, Cikgu Mus and Cikgu Suhana also came to support this program. Our most beloved international brother, Julien Erdelyi also was here to take his Red Belt grading.

Departing for the camp site

Barang2 Masak

Taklimat di Kem Yusbika

 Ice Breaking
Komandan Kem Hafiz was preparing the bomb
Teacher Nora (SMKIS advisor), Kak Jue (cikgu Razhan's wife) and Kak Nyz (my wife) were having discussion

Menu of our first night: Fried Salted Fish, Air Asam (Tamarind juice with onions and chilies) and the fresh local vegetables (Kacang Panjang and Kacang Botol)

Aaisy, Kakak and Husna were supposed to go there to train Silat, but
....... kids!

 Spiritual activities for Muslim.

 Cikgu Fahmi was preparing the dishes for the lunch

For 3 days, every group has one banana leaf to keep on. Of they have to eat the food served on the floor.

Durian from around the campsite


Keris training

Keris Training
Keris Training
Keris Training

Team Naga Rantau UMP is preparing for the Keris course and khatam program...

Julien and his partner Hazwan
Hukuman Ala Komando: Makan Tanah


Ceremony of perlimau tapak for the new students

After the ceremony, all of the new students passed their adat bersiram at the Pahang great river


Belt Grading
All of the students were taking their first belt grading, including the seniors from UMP for the green and red belt. It was included Julien and Hazwan.

Graduation ceremony & Belt award

Shahin: White Belt

Fatimah: White Belt

Safinaz: Green belt

Saufi: Green belt

Afiq: Green belt

Izzati: Red Belt
Amira: Green belt

Julien: Red Belt

Hazwan: Red Belt

Wahida: green belt
Komandan Hafiz: Green belt

Amira : Green belt

Mus : Red Belt

Cikgu Fahmi yg bnyak menolong dan melatih anak2 Naga Rantau

Cikgu Razhan yang byk menolong dan melatih2 anak-anak Naga Rantau terutama di gambang

Achoi sebagai Pengarah Program KIKOS'13

Abg Mus, Kak Su, Cikgu Haziq, Abg Achoi, Cikgu Fahmi, Cikgu Hakim, Cikgu Razhan, Abg Ari, Abg Luqman, Abg Julien

A three days camping actually cannot change thing a big deal. But it is largely enough to create a good memories and ties love among us. It was the first KIKOS, and I am sure that the second one will be more participants as the Gelanggang Angkat will be more in the future. InsyaAllah. For the Jurulatihs, keep always a good relationship and professionalism with your Gelanggang and 'Anak Buah'. Our program of Gelanggang Angkat continues, and it is my hope that our presence here in Gambang and Pekan could bring a good thing for everyone. Amin! ;)

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