Thursday, July 16, 2009


It was thursday night but still I coudn't sleep. So at 3 in the morning, I packed my training tool, waited for the night bus, and went to the Eiffel. It was the best moment to train there, as there was no one there when me and my students arrived.

Do you know why they built up the Eiffel Tower? It was so controversial that many people opposed the decision of building it. It was "Serampang Dua Mata", or throwing stone and killing two birds project. They said that it was for the telecommunication. Yes, it's true. They say that it was for the land mark of Paris city. Yes and No. Initially no, but gradually, the La Tour Eiffel becomes the image of glamorous City like Paris. People come here just to snap a picture with a background of used-to-be one of modern seven wonders. But the reality is that, the Tour Eiffel was build up to prove that the science is higher than than religion. It was the moment of secularism: the separation of religion from any political and state administration. The white building on the highland of Anvers, the beautiful marble church of Sacré Coeur, previously was the image of christian people in Paris. It was beaten by the Eiffel tower in terms of "highness".

Well, I still like to "lepak-lepak" at the eiffel, but not when many tourist are many there. Night, or early in the morning is the best time to come and enjoying the view from the Place de Trocadero or doing some Silat or Capoeira things on the grass in front of the tower. It is just 15 minutes by Metro (train in the city) from my apartment.

We started some Senaman, and I started to play with my Tekpi. We switched on the camera, and here we go for the actions! We trained for almost 3 hours until the day came, and most of the lesson was on the Tekpi technics. It is time for them to learn it. The thing initially was for me, as I need to train and teach. It was a prelude for my tekpi technic DVD with some of the martial arts DVD producers here insyaAllah.

As the day came, people came too! So we packed our tools, and going back to our home then by Metro. Finally, I felt soo sleepy and slept soundly as I arrived at home.

This video would be the image of how I feels inside. I just need more training! It is summer and no one is available to be my training partner????!!!! ;)

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