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Harimau technic is always my favorite part in Gayong. One of the very first thing that we learn in Silat Seni Gayong is Senaman/Gerakan Anak Harimau (exercice/movement of tiger cub). I was so happy to learn that. However, when I met Cikgu Nasir fom Gayong Bachok, everything changes. We met for the first time during the Pencak Silat competition at Kota Bharu, exchanged the contact and I went to his house to talk more about Silat Seni Gayong. He is a great teacher, yet a humble and modest one. He spent all his teenager life to learn and train Silat Seni Gayong. I met his partner as well, Cikgu Muzairi. He got a fierce and strict looking, rather than happy and 'pacific' looking of Cikgu Nasir. But the reality is that, Cikgu Muzairi is a funny person! They were among the first generation of Gayong in Kelantan, and both of them trained under Pak Ngah Izahar, Ustaz Khalid and Cikgu Sazali (other than Kelantan gayong masters). That night, the Gayong students gathered as soon as 9 p.m at Cikgu Nasir's house for the weekly training.

That night I learnt something that I hadn't learnt before: The Harimau (tiger) technics and Rajawali (phoenix) of Gayong. To learn this Ilmu, one has to reach a certain level of Gayong first. I was amazed when one of senior student, Brother Lan showed the steps. All of the Tiger technics are devastating. Non is useless or unpractical. All are bone-breaking and skin-tearing technics. The phoenix strikes the vital point, which helps the Pesilat at the same time knows which part of his body must be protected during a fight, by hook or by crook. The Pheonix likes to strike on the nerves and organs of the enemy. The different between the tiger and phoenix is the position. We play with very low position in Tiger, whether by crawling, kneeling, or lying on the floor. The phoenix otherwise, has almost non of the "kuda-kuda" (basic position in silat), or simply stand up to defend or to attack.

As a result, we can easily rip off ears, grab the throat, gouge eyes, claw genitals, and tear skin. We can also grip some points, especially if the enemy hold still. It is an art of gripping the points, wronging the joints and separating the tendons. What makes me amazed another thing is that we hit the targets that most people wouldn't think it as a target. That is why, Silat Seni Gayong was originlly known as Silat Seni Sendi Harimau (Tiger's Articulation).

Other Tiger and Phoenix gurus that I encountered:

I am also the Pesilat of Pancaindera Seni Silat Lintau, a style originates from Sumatera that combines between Silat of Teralak, Sendeng and Harimau. Learning it with Dr Kamal of Pasir Puteh, I saw that the Lintau plays with three "pillars": High, Medium and Low. High from Sendeng, Medium from Teralak and Low from Harimau.

I am sure that everyone know or will know the Guru Edwel, Dato Rajo Gampo Alam from Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia. One of the great master of traditional Silat Harimau. The style, officially registered as Baringin Sakti with PESILAT, is the most original form of Tiger's technic ever I had seen. He came many times to France to do the seminars, and I had the opportunity to learn some of this "Perantau" film Silat choreographer. I also participated in the "PAMACAN" (father-tiger) and Kerambit seminar hold by Cecep Abdul Rahman, the international figure of Pencak Silat from Panglipur style. He also teach the Kari & Madi, Syahbandar, Cikalong and Cimande.

I heard also that in France, the Harimau school was first taught by the late grandmaster Hanafi from Indonesia. His son continued teaching the style privately and the access is quite limited and difficult. I'm not sure about this, but I heard the Richard de bordes of silat harimau america learn from Guru Hanafi....

I am also the Pesilat of Seni Silat Kegayungan Acheh Helang Putih Malaysia, learning with Cikgu Erman of Pasir Putih. I did want to meet the grandmaster Raja Aziz Khoja Andak, but since I am in France, and most of the time when coming back home during two months holidays, I was too busy maintaining the Gelanggang, I finally realised that I must spend time next time in Malaysia to pay him a visit. In this Eagle style, we learn to be as like the eagle soar in the sky. The Eagle claw seems so simple, but yet it's three mortal fingers that can crush your throat!

Oh, forgot to mention, Cikgu Ezhar Abbas, one of great Gayong teacher in Selangor also came to England under the invitation of Cikgu Yeop Ariffin, the Caliph of Gayong UK. His specialities, given by the late Mahaguru Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman, was the Cindai Jantan and Rajawali technics. Alhamdulillah, meeting with him, me and Cikgu Hafiz (my demo partner!) benefit a lot of his large knowledge of Gayong!

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