Monday, July 27, 2009


last weekend, I went to Simpang Pulai to meet one of my Guru, Cikgu Amin Hamzah during one of the most important event as a Silat Seni Gayong practitioner. I was really happy to meet my Gurulatih, Cikgu Azizan from Labuan, and our close brother of Gayong like Ustaz Wan Halim (kelantan), Cikgu Rosni (labuan), Ustaz Atiq (kelantan), Cikgu Khairi (kelantan), and my first encounter with Azman(simpang pulai), Kak Sheila (simpang pulai), Cikgu Ariffin (pahang), Pak Tam (labuan), Cikgu Haryanto (perak), Cikgu Rizal(perak), Cikgu Syed(perak), Cikgu Sham (pusaka gayung), Cikgu Iswan(klang) and others which I can't remember their name but remember deeply their face...
the event was Ilmu Menguji Ketahanan Diri: The Art of Endurance / the Art of dealing with the impossible. We arrived on friday night and started the program in the saturday noon until noon next day. If i'm not mistaken, about 15 Gayong practitioner received the Ijazah of Dalang Mandi Minyak, an authorisation to conduct the Hot Boiling Oil test of Silat Seni Gayong.
That night after preparing the coconut: peel it, break it, take the juice, scrape it, without stoping reciting Al-Ikhlas, we took the coconut milk, verified if it is pure and clear, put in the Kawah and prepare the fire. We got 2 Kawahs, one for the men, and one for women and children. At about 9 o'clock, the oil was ready and we started, one by one, plunge our hands in the hot boiling oil, and "wash" our face and body with the oil. The oil will permits us, Bi iznillah, to endure and resist the hard strike,punch or kick of our partner during the daily Gayong training.

After that, we prepared the burning charcoal. It was arranged in a line, and one by one walked and marched on it confidently, without even looked at his own feet. At the other side, the bottles were broken into pieces. One student was chosen, lied down, put on his hand on the broken bottles, and crashed by a motorcycle ride by another student. One small boy, no shirt, lied directly on the bottles, and his body was pressed down against it. Then, we continued by standing on the chair and jumping and landing on it. After that, two senior students, were hang in the air by a rope of their neck to a iron rod tied on two pillars. Eventhough all of the Gayong students were well prepared for the test, but still there were hands and feets burning case and cuts during the bottle and hanging rope test.... but that's just made us more confident and more "Melayu"!!!!

I met the UTP students and ex-students, who are known of being since years, the one of direct Anak Didik (disciples) of Cikgu Amin Hamzah himself. And for me, another adventure is beginning. I think it is the time to have our first Mandi Minyak in France. Hopefully the green movements won't come against this, or we have to use the gaz stove instead of burning the wood to prepare the coconut milk!!!! Ampuuuunnnn!!! lol ;)

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