Wednesday, July 8, 2009


When i was a little boy, i had seen a movie on television. I had seen a lot of martial art action movies, but this one was so different. They jump with acrobatic style like kung fu stuff, dancing like american break-dance (as what i thought, because i didn't know the terme of Hip-Hop) and fight with machete as Pencak Silat. Since i didn't understand so well english at that time, I thought i had figured out the name of that martial art as "Jingga". It is only couple of years later that I finally know that that martial art is "Capoeira" and another couple of years that word "Ginga", not "Jingga", is actually the basic movement of Capoeira, by swinging the hand and placing the leg rightly to balance the position.

It happened in 2006, when my application to perform my 2 months internship for final year engineering Diploma had been rejected 'violently' by our student supervisor. She is french, and everyone doesn't like her (I LOVE to mention that she's in 40's ;p). Only the kiss-ass would smile and throw the 'polite' words in front of her. Encouraged by most of the lecturers, I've bought the flight ticket to Malaysia as i was accepted to perform the internship in one of the best engineering company there. Unfortunately, something was going bad then. There was a GAY lecturer, of my department, informed my supervisor.She was turn in rage and was threating me to said the bad words to JPA in Malaysia if i went to do the practical there. Her only reason; I don't speak French so i should do here in France to learn more the language. Je t'e****de! How about my 1000 Euros airlines ticket??? Effortless to fight back that time (i was too Malaysian!) i just went back only 2 weeks, trying at least to confort my anger.

Coming back to France, I took a train to Montpellier, 4 hours by TGV from Paris. New place, new people. That was my first time there. Searching for a place to sleep, meeting with my "Maitre de stage" (internship supervisor), going to work, start to learn the bus and tram schedules, find the mosque and hallal restaurant and so on. One day, when i was eating at a chinese restaurant, i just asked simply a waiter there, if he knows any Capoeira club there, seems i'd seen a Capoeira demo done at the Place de la Comedie, when i was in the tram. Before even he answered me, a guy pop up and entered the restaurant, looked at the waiter, and the waiter looked me back and said; "ta tro la chance mec, le voila le capoeriste!" Yes, that guy who just came in is an experienced and bloody good Capoeiriste and it's him who introduced me to my first Capoeira master and into the world of Capoeira............

It is then, finally, I see that movie from a compeltely different of view: IT'S SUCK!!!! (for Capoeira standard of course!)

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