Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My brother who is also my student in Gayong, Daoud, invited me to participate a seminar of "KAPAP". It is a knife and blade self defence system in the Israelite army and order forces. I've heard many times about Krav Maga, but that was the first time for me to hear the word Kapap. Actually both are same, in termes of their origin from Israel.

When we arrive there, personally, I was quite nervous. Not because it was my first time learning a new style, but I kept thinking how 'they' will think and say when looking at me? I had long curly beard, with my asian eyes, "bronzé" skin and surely anyone look at me can guest that I am a moslem. "They" are actually the Jews, participants of the course, living in paris and it's suburban. As a moslem raised in Malaysia, we heard a lot about the war in Palestine. I am not racist, but I fear that my presence will make others being uncomfortable. Who knows? With the tension exists between Moslems and Jews, I couldn't imagine what will happen. But for the sake of love of martial art, I strengthen my leg walked into the building where the course will be hold.

The cheif intructor is David Chemoul, he is the presiden of World Kapap Krav Maga Federation. Krav Maga was "created" by Imi Lichtenfeld in Slovakia, due to resist against the Nazisme and anti-semiste movement at that time. He was then moved to Palestine-Israel and presented to General Sadeh, who then asked him to teach his street self-defence method to the Israel army. The Krav Maga, (Close combat in hebrew) was then taught to the public.

KAPAP means "Krav Panim el Panim", Face to face combat. It is a sort of modern self defence. It is completely independant and not stick to one style.

We started with the warm-up for about 40 minutes. Then everyone was given a knife: with double blade; which is used widely in army. But of course it is not sharp as the purpose is only for training. For introduction, the instructor asked whether is there any volunteers to make a real-life situation when someone is attacked by a robber with a knife. When he saw that I wore a black silat trousers, with the "Pencak Silat" words embroded on it, he asked me my martial art background. Knowing that I do know Silat, one of martial art that use a lot of blades and knives, he picked me up, to be the attacker, while one of his student to be the defender. The rule is simple: fight as it is real. He put on both of our knives with red lipstick,so we can see the cuts on our body everytime I touch the defender. So everyone was watching, that guy started to walk in, and I observed him and BOOM...I attacked him and try to touch every vital points on his body. He defended well. We were in "real-fight" for about 3 minutes. By the end, we found at least 15 marks on our body: hands, legs, ribs, chest, neck, and even more, I touched his face. Blade fight is a no-mercy battle that results great damage and even death. The duel fight that I experience in Silat using Pisau, Keris and Golok confirmed me the solemnity of the risk facing an opponent with a blade in his hand.

Everyone was happy and the course continued. That day I made many friends with the same interest: To get prepared to survive in any knife attack! I realized that my technics that I learnt in Malaysia are not bad at all, or even more are awesome! In KAPAP, most of technic is easy and fast, by blocking and hitting. In Silat most of the technic is lock-style and bringing the opponent down. By combining the two perspectives, I can see clearer how to handle the attacks and the best moves should I take.

By the end of day, we were totally used. We then thanked the instructors and the members, and hoping to participate again the next seminar. For me, it was a new experience and a new environment. Martial arts indeed a tool of war, a destroyer of human kind relationship in certain place, as it is born to attack or to defend. But in most of place, it unites people, it brings them together, it helps them to know each other better....and it makes us know that our enemy is our own self, not the others!!!


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  2. many thanks for the comment Patrick! ;) sorry for the late reply as i was too new in the blog world! lol ;) and thans for the link, i like it. ;)

  3. wah this is so awesome to read. There's a KAPAP mini course in my office in KL next week. I was thinking about learning how to fight (because I'm mentally and physically weak, wont stand a chance if anything bad happen) then boom, my company is bringing in some KAPAP guys to give some talk etc. I indeed felt a bit uneasy to go learn this martial art because I'm too a Muslim, but your writing has put me at ease. Anyway, a bit let down that I cant find any local school in their website. I guess I'll just look for other combat school instead. But sure will attend the KAPAP event at my office as a start. Thanks again, and selamat berpuasa.