Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mont St Michel

Last weekend, I helped one malaysian family to drive a car (SCENIC) for a vacation to Mont St Michel. We departed on friday night, and arrived there in the morning. The speciality of Mont St Michel is it's beautiful view and unique 'island'. Previously, people can go to the Mont St Michel whether by boat or during the untide on foot.

" Le Mont-Saint-Michel apparaît (...) comme une chose sublime, une pyramide merveilleuse." Victor Hugo, 1865. As Victor Hugo said, Mont St Michel is a great thing, a magnificent pyramid. By the way, this is where the Lord of The Ring was filmed.

We then went to St Malo, where we took a walk by the sea shore. I think I found my favorite spot there! ;) heehhehe -tiger instinct! There are some french who were swimming, although it was quite cloudy, windy and cold. In Paris, we were roasted in our house, but here the climate is different. It worse at night as we were camping,
the soil was cold and it was raining all night long. In the morning I was shivering because all of my blankets were wet. (because of the rain of course!) It was so hard to drive since I didn't get a good sleep and rest. Whatever, a tiger never sleep so tight! Auummm!!!! lol ;p

It is a beautiful town. Their speciality? The sea food! We walked down the street in the ville and looked left and right but see nothing other than restaurant! The best menu proposed that i spotted has a price as high as 134 euros for two persons! 2 lobsters, 2 big crabs, lots of prawn, mussel and other sealife species that I don't recognize. (but they don't have any octopus!!lol)
Sadly, we had already expent more than 500 euros for the rent of the car, petrol and tols. So we decided NOT to eat in any restaurant but instead, we found a 6 euros per kilo Mussel in a supermarket nearby!

We then returned back to Paris on sunday morning. Completely exausted, I took a loooong nap until Maghrib time. Three days out of Paris, I phoned my mom to give her some news. She easily gets worried if I don't call once or twice per week. A mom will always consider you as you were 6 years old! That's why, sometimes I don't tell her everything, or any problem that I face. Mom oh mom! my paradise lises beneath her feets.....

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