Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I'm always searching
Searching for the true Gayong
As I didn't have the Chance
To learn it directly
From the late Mahaguru.

I'm always wondering
How he fights
How he holds the Keris
How he strikes the Tombak
How he uses the Sundang
and how deadly
His Kipas Nandung jurus
that bring Bruce Lee down
who than died of excess of drug
to help him bear the pain.

I'm alway thinking
If I was the one
Who train under him
As most of my Masters did
What will he think
About my Kuncian
Pukulan, Pentas, Lompatan and Senjata?

Because I'm just dreaming of it
And I hadn't never being his direct student
Nor I had shaked my hand with him
To allege my loyalty
Then my journey continues
To search
To seek
The Gayong heritage
From Masters that still alive....

If the Dragon had died
I want to be the one
Who reincarnate it
Raised it
And ride it
And be with it
To bring the truth
And protect the misfortune...

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