Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Awaken After Falling Asleep

A great man's mind : Dato' Meor Mural
(photo from Cikgu Jaz's facebook of PSSGM S'gor &KL)

The late Dato' Meor's mural drawing is not only an art to be appreciated in term of it's uniqueness and it's surrealism. Only those who learn the "GAYONG" understands what exactly the late Dato' wanted to tell us.

The eyes, the tears, the horns, the black cats, the water container, and other elements hiding the important lessons, principles and missions for Anak Gayong.

The truth is that the drawing reminds me a lot to something. Something that changed my believe forever...

For certain who is lucky (or unlucky!), had a chance to witness the mural in a real form in front of them. The Dato's mural drawing was "translated" in one bizarre drawing inside the Gayung Pusaka's first Tempur Tanpa Senjata book. The drawing of an eye with the tears, a hand with long nails, a frog, and other mystic objects were presented to describe a topic of "Seni Belian" (Kebatinan) in Silat Seni Gayong.

I had a chance once to witness "the eye" from my Master, one of my student (in France) had met "the hand" unexpectedly and my brother a Gayong Master of Pusaka Gayung in other hand had a chance to witness "the frog" from his Master.

Only the God and the late Dato' Meor himself knew what he tried to tell us. It's us to interpret it in our own way. Brothers and sisters, don't ask me what and why about the drawing. I am just as much curious as you. Let we open the discussion....! ;)

Melayu! Bersiap sedialah kamu!!! ZATTTTT!!!!!!!

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