Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cikgu Siti Kalsom in Memories...

Cikgu Siti led the Gayong Knights during the Independent Day

No one could replace the late Cikgu Siti Kalsom. Even though a Malay proverb says "Patah Tumbuh Hilang Berganti" (everything lost will be replaced), but to have a woman as a real Master in Martial Art like the late Cikgu Siti is one in a million. She was the one who received the "Silat Seni Gayong" directly from the late Mahaguru, day and night. The responsibility that she carried was really big. As a daughter, she took the task after the death of the late Mahaguru of keeping this one of the biggest Silat federation in Malaysia and Internationally. She struggled for the unity among Gayong disciples until her death on February 2007. May Allah place her soul among the good people. Amin... Al-Fatihah.

Cikgu Siti's Sundang Lipas. Still kept preciously by one Gayong Master...

Her hope was to see a united Gayong federation. Even though she didn't have the chance to see it,let us hope to the new Gayong generation would fight for this mission! ZATTT!!!

Gayong Mencantum Bersatu Padu, Mengingatkan Junjungan Empunya Seru. Sama Sendiri Bantu Membantu. Selamat Sejahtera Hajat Dituju...

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