Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Cubit-Cubitan, Tampar-Tamparan, Senggol-Senggolan Orang Gayong ni Tetap Dalam Sayang.... :)

Pertama-tama kalinya, pohon maaf kalau artikel ini mengusik ketenteraman jiwa Cikgu-Cikgu semua. Ini pendapat ambo yang kerdil. Ini apa yang ambo semat dalam hati dalam mencari ilmu Gayong, Ini adalah kata-kata hati ambo. Minta jangan menhukum ambo di atas kejujuran ambo menzahirkan pendapat ini....


Being a member of Gayong, or a disciple of Gayong? Two words with different meanings that could easily confuse everyone of us. "Member" has a meaning of "One of the individuals composing a group", while "Disciple"has a meaning of "a convinced adherent of a school or individual" (merriams-webster's online dictionary)

This is the most controversy topic recently that caused many "war and conflict" between Gayong family. This issue also made me and many other young Gurulatih all over Malaysia trapped in between the clash of the "Gayong Titans". The different point of view between Gayong Leaders and Gayong Masters exist since the time of the late Mahaguru. It happens everywhere in all big association all over the world. Since the bitter clash of Gayong Malaysia, Gayung Pusaka, Gayong Warisan, Gayong Pasak, Gayong Perwanit, Gayong Tiga Kalimah, Gayong Paduka, Gayong Purba and Gayong Serantau, even though every federation claims that the founder is always the late Mahaguru Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman, the Anak Gayong seems to grow in term of number, but sadly separated by different names and visions.


The conflict cause many new members confused and sometimes misunderstood. It was not rare to see a Pencak Silat competition of Olahraga trembles, and becomes a real fight when a Pesilat from Gayong Malaysia meets a Pesilat from Gayong Pusaka. Or a Pesilat of Gayong Warisan meets a Pesilat of Gayong Pasak. Although it happens mostly among the youngster who doesn't know the Gayong elders from other federation, but it proves that there are still stupid persons who think the membership is everything. Silat Seni Gayong is just not an association. It is a "Perguruan" (A doctrine). Once a student performs his Mandi Sintuk & Mandi Seni (Ritual Bath), he is accepted as a disciple and becomes brothers/sisters with other disciples of the late Dato' Meor. It means that we are just one big family, one father, with many children. All of Gayong groups are our families. We become as brother and sister for eternity, as long as we don't commit disloyalty vis-a-vis the founder and the doctrine. But one can be a Gayong member by paying his/her annual fees to the federation he/she belongs to. He/she has the right to vote during the election and he can develop more the Gayong federation's growth and economic power as a NGO.


The worst thing a Master could do to his student is by forbidding him from learning with other Master. Let say a student learned since many years with a Master "A" from Gayong Malaysia. But after years of training, he/she would like to learn more with other Gayong Master that had learned directly with the late Dato' Mahaguru. The student heard that the Master "B" learned the "Keris" from Dato' when he taught Gayong in Singapore. The problem is that the Master "B" that he/she likes to learn is not in Gayong Malaysia. So tell me sincerely brothers and sisters, is that student doing wrong by going to learn with that Master for the sake of seeking the "Ilmu" (art & science) of Keris??? Is it written inside the rules and regulations that we lost our membership by learning with Master from different Gayong federation? Is it correct to hate and to refuse from learning with Masters from different Gayong federation? Where is the precious quotes of the late Dato' Meor saying that "I didn't teach Silat Seni Gayong to only one student. Go and find the art of Silat Seni Gayong from every of my disciples (after I pass away)"??? How could you sure that your skills and knowledge came from the original version of Dato' Meor? Or maybe you learn a "modified" version of your Master?

Crash your ego, forget your "chula" (DAN/stripes), fold your Sandang, and go learn more and train more with other Master as much as you could! Yes, we are the member of PSSGM, but we are the disciple (Murid) of Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman. Silat Seni Gayong itself is to master the art. Being a disciple meaning there's no tolerance of not being good and we must be expert and skillful in doing the Gayong technics. The real hierarchy in Gayong is your skill and knowledge of Adat and Pelajaran. Forget the "Jawatan" (position), as it is not one thing that you seek. It is given. If we try to seek it, just wait and see the destruction. Isi dulu diri dengan ilmu. Kerana ilmu itu lebih utama dari harta dan jawatan. Ambo berpesan pada diri ambo dan saudara-saudari sekelian..... ;)

So ask your self. Are you a Gayong member, or a Gayong disciple???


  1. Timo kaseh Adi, Timo kaseh Cikgu...ini pun berkat didikan dan asuhan Cikgu-Cikgu yang ikhlas dalam mengenal apa itu Gayong juga. jalan yg dilalui tu penuh ranjau, tapi kaki tetap maju kerana ingat manisnya ilmu yang diperolehi. moga-moga kudrat berpanjangan dalam mencari ilmu... amin amin amin!