Thursday, July 15, 2010


Cikgu Mustapha Kamal

Called as "Lipan Bara" (Red Centipede) in Silat Seni Gayong, he was one of the senior Gayong Master that still active teaching and moving everywhere to support the Gayong activities. His name was popular since he was one of the Gayong disciples who came along with the late Dato' Meor to Japan. The demo team was invited by the Japan emperor to perform and to present Silat Seni Gayong during a martial art event. It was so impressive that the Japanese called them the Malay Ninja. Besides, Gayong demo is full with jumping and flying, and our uniform is in black!!! Serious looking Master, he is actually a kind and sociable.

"I used to learn and to write down everything that I learned with the late Dato'. Dato' didn't teach us only the external technic, but he taught us also many "Ilmu Hulubalang". I used to have a telephone-directory-size notebooks, which I noted every Ayat and Amalan from the late Dato' but I finally decided to bury it in the earth". I asked this Gayong Master why do he did that. He said that, "we are in 21st century. The "Ilmu Hulubalang" is here..." (while pointing his index to his head). He added, "However, don't stop learning and searching. Take which you'd prefer. And never forget the Qulhuwallah, Ayat 9 and others Gayong daily practices. It's for our own benefit"

This Master however reveals his sadness of certain Gayong disciples who forget where did they come from and with whom did they start to learn. I did ask him about his opinion regarding the conflict happens between among the Gayong family. He just simply replied to me, while smiling "Ingat asal kita..." (remember the moment when we started (in Gayong))

For those who still didn't watch his interview yet, can see here in youtube.

I think that my encounters with Cikgu Mustapha Kamal will bring me to another level of "not just being a Gayong blogger". I'll try my best to go around and to "frame" a souvenir from every Senior Gayong Master all around Malaysia. They must have something to say, and many thing to share with. For the sake of Silaturrahim in Islam, forget a while which parties we belong to. Gayong Bergayut, Kata Bersahut...


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