Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Family's photo of the late Ayoh

This one is the sentimental heritage of our family. The person in the photo was the late Ba, my Ma's ex-husband, my brother Abe Joe, my sister Kak We, my grandma Mek and my grandpa Ayoh. I was not exist yet at that time!!! My grandma is the second wife of Ayoh. The late Ayoh is Malaccan, and his first wife was in Malacca. Eventhough Ayoh was the step father of my Ma, (my blood grandpa named "Che' Kodir") but my Ma was raised by the late Ayoh since the early age. He was the one who taught my Ma to read the Quran, Malay language, English and Mathematics. Ayoh had many children at Malacca with his first wife, and I still remember of our family being visited by the Malaccan families. But it was dated long long ago. The first and the last time I went to see them in Malacca at "Nenek"'s house when I was still in primary school. And after the death of my grandpa Ayoh, the relationship with our Malaccan families seems buried with him. No address left, nor the contact numbers.

But "air dicincang tak akan putus" (the family relationship won't never lost). I kept a promise every time I come back to Malaysia, I'll try my best to search again the family. I was told by my Ma and my grandma Mek that the late Ayoh was born at Sungai Jerneh, and his family lived at Lubuk China. That was the only information we got. But I made a prayer so that God will make us meet again.

It happened last few days. I brought a tourist family to Malacca. After leaving them at the hotel, I sent sms to Dato' Ismail Jantan, the Gayong Master of Melacca, to visit him. Alhamdulillah I was welcomed to his home by him and his wife Puan Mariam at Kampung Ramuan Kecil even though they were really occupied with Gayong activities lately. After talking and chatting about many things, I told them that my purpose of coming to Malacca is to trace back my family.

When I told Puan Mariam that my late grandpa was Mejar Hamid bin Jalil from Tentera Melayu who married a Kelantanese woman, she was surprised and asked me "Chamid??? (Ayoh's surname in Malacca) You are Chamid's grandson??? Chamid the one who this and that???" I said "Yes, I am". And subhanallahalazim, my prayer was accepted by God. To' Mail and Puan Mariam brought me to meet my uncle whom I'd never met before! He is the step brother of my Ma. I was then brought to meet my aunt and her husband. I was welcomed with a warm hug and our eyes didn't stop from pouring tears. 1987 was the last time they came to Kelantan. The early 90's we went there just for a night in our passage to Muar. And after years, I finally met my aunt and my uncles..... (~_~) sob sob sob...! I called my Ma and my Mek to tell them the good news and to let them speak in telephone. It was a sentimental moment. What could we talk after more than 20 years separation?

And me, feeling happy, satisfied, relieved and proud, promising them to come back again to Malacca. This time I'll come with my family from Kelantan for sure!!! I am feeling so well that I could say "Family is everything".

Ayah Ngah, Makcik Samsiah and Ayah Busu

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