Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kenangan Cindai...

photo from Cikgu Nasir blogspot

It was a seminar organized by Gayong Bachok under Cikgu Nasir, Cikgu Muzairi and Cikgu Roslan. The course was directed by Pak Ngah Izahar. Many of the senior students of Gayong Bachok were present during the seminar. But every time I look at this picture, it makes me smiling alone. It happened when we were asked by Pak Ngah to make a Tengkolok Bugis. We tried it very hard and were asked to wear it proudly on our head for a photo session. But I suddenly heard a funny comment from one of the Masters about our Tengkolok which looks like a Monkey's private part. That made us laugh like crazy! Well Pak Ngah, at least we did it! hehehehehehee..

thanks a lot to Pak Ngah, Cikgu Muzairi, Cikgu Nasir, Cikgu Roslan, Abe Di and brothers who came to the seminar. May Allah bless our sacrifice for searching the Ilmu... Amin! :)

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  1. cikgu muzairi .. cikgu sayo tu .. hehe . abe di .. ajeng la keno kuci ko dio dulu .. paih .. my fren n my senior .. very humble person !