Sunday, January 15, 2012

11 Pengiring Naga Rantau...

The photo was taken when the first day I brought my wife and our new born to our house from the hospital. (Which has been almost a year now!) Most of these Panglima and SriKandi, nowadays, will be at the last semester here in Universiti Malaysia Pahang. (One of them has been working now). I hope that the time that we had spent together, and will spend for the next final semester will be the best time here in UMP. I do hope that they will be always the good and excellent engineers and Gurulatihs after graduating from UMP. Hope that what we share here in Naga Rantau will be useful for our lives. For my little Aryan, I am sure he will be proud to know that his coming was accompanied by eleven future Gayong Masters.... ;)


  1. "one of them has been working now"
    mcm tua sgt rase dari kwn2 yg len...anyway, Aryan diiring 11 pndekar Gayong...ade kesinambungan tu~~~hehe

  2. aryan pon nk ada "belangtarung" mcm cikgu ari dia. he he he. ;)