Thursday, January 26, 2012


The demo of Cikgu Ayahanda Amin Hamzah (Malayan Lion)

and Cikgu Sazali (the son of Dato' Meor) in front of the late Mahaguru.

One of the question that anyone could ask is, do we need the "Kebatinan" in every Gayong technique? I met couple of Masters and asked them about the high-level Gayong techniques like Yoi, Cindai dan Belian. It exists indeed the "Kebatinan" in every each secret technique. "Ayat" for Cindai (to harden the clothes), for Yoi (speed/"walking on air") and for Belian (strength and fierce-looking). However, the more important is the physical skill, than the kebatinan. The skill of executing the cindai technique of "Pukat", for example, is very vital as the real battle happens only in milisecond.

The human strength also can be built up by physical training, and also the internal training. During the normal respiration, only certain amount of oxygen is used for the metabolisme process. To increase the efficiency of the process, specific method of respiration is practiced for every part of our body. That's why the Jurus of Bunga Teratai, Jurus Bunga Tanjung and other respiration moves were among the regular practice of the old Gayong folks.

In our search to satisfy our curiosity of the secrecy of Kebatinan in Gayong, the old Master always advice us. Never stop training. All of the lesson and syllabus is useless, if we are not skillful and master the art. However, as the Gurulatih, the research of Kebatinan also needed as one part of Gayong knowledge. To practice it is one different thing, but to know it in it's original form will complete our understanding in Silat Seni Gayong.....

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