Tuesday, January 3, 2012


My visit to the exibition of Prophet Muhammad and the Companions Swords and Seni Silat Pusaka Gayung Malaysia at Kedah last time was truly a meaningful one. Since in the beginning, my favorite weapon is always the Tekpi (or Sai in Japanese). Gila Tekpi is crazy about the Tekpi. Tekpi Gila is another thing. He He He. Unfortunately, the art of this weapon in Silat Seni Gayong is not so extensively taught, compared with the other weapons.

I learned Tekpi with few Masters, in Silat Seni Gayong, and also in traditional village Silat. In Gayong, it was at Gelanggang Gong Serapat where I started to learn Tekpi. It was one of the "heritage" from Cikgu Awang Daud when he was in Pasir Puteh. After that, I learned Tekpi with my late Guru, Ayah Ku Misai Panjang, a Master of Silat Seni Tujuh Permainan (7 arts), who had passed away in 2009. He never named specificaly his Silat, but his Silat has 7 arts, included Tekpi and Ibu Tekpi; "Mother of Tekpi" (other version is Tok Mertua Tekpi ; "Father in law of Tekpi"). After that I took every chance to learn even one single move from various Masters like Cikgu Amin Hamzah, the late Pak Jab (Gayong 3 Kalimah), Ayah Jak Silat Lian, and even in the other martial arts, especially from Karate Okinawan style when I was in France.

But being someone who is crazy about Tekpi, I search and search until I got the information about the late Pak Guru Jaafar, the Master of Silat Panglima Garang. I was in France for many years, and my intention to come and learn from him was buried when he passed away few years ago. His "fancy-like" Tekpis drive me crazy, and being able to touch and play them was always my dream. But during the exposition, the owner of those Tekpis, Cikgu Mokhtar, had kindly allow me to touch, to hold and even to play with them a little it. He had even shown us the techniques of playing it. One word I could say: "WoW".

There are many type of Tekpi. Just to name few, Tekpi Gedang, Tekpi Raja Nandung, Tekpi Gagak Lapar and others. It is said that in that style, they have 9 type of Tekpi. Some Masters who know the art are still alive in Kedah. Hmmmm.... I think I'll be frequent in Sungai Petani this year insyaAllah. He he he.

Thanks a lot to Cikgu Mokhtar, and all Gayong brothers who were there with me. Especially to Cikgu Ismail, the senior Master who knows to be humble and "hungry" for the knowledge. InsyaAllah, as I said, hope that I could manage my time correctly to be in North in this 2012. This is only one example of the richness of Malay tradition of art of war, weapons and craftmanship. Hope that the more we learn, the closer we'll be to our destination. Amin....

All credits of the photos to the owner Cikgu Mokhtar.

The best part : PHOTOS! ;)

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