Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Menyambung Tradisi di Gurun...

A Panglima was observing his students

(Cikgu Jad)

Last weekend I visited the training centre of Pusaka Gayung at Gurun, Kedah. I was informed by Mejar Fitri about the annual program of extensive course and grading at the end of the every year, which is also the birthday of Pak Andak (Cikgu) Majid Mat Isa. Sincerely, at first it was quite strange to be here among the person that I didn't know. But my intention is clear, as I want to know more about Gayong family in Pusaka Gayong, Cikgu Majid, Cikgu Awang and all other senior Gayong Masters in Kedah.

My arrival was welcomed by Mejar Fitri, and also Cikgu Jad. We had a chat before I was presented to the Gurulatihs and the masters during the course. Cikgu MatRock is one of the name I remember instantly. hehe. ;) The traning was so intense of every corner of the gelanggang. The pre-white group, the white group, the green group, the red, the yellow and even the black belt grading participants trained so well and non stop for the best result during the grading. I also had a chance to have a syllabus discussion with Cikgu Faiz, one of the "actor" of the latest Pusaka Gayong book, TETAK.

The Red belt participant were training Keris

The Black Belt participants were training the Cindai before grading.

The Pentas keris during the grading

Asking the "restu"

(halal menghalal) shaking hands with the trainers, Gurulatihs and examiners

After the grading, all of the Masters gathered in the hall for the closing ceremony, where all of the participants who were succeeded in the grading will be awarded the Belt and the Sandang. Most of the Masters here I met was the very first time eventhough I had heard their names since very long time. There were many of them very senior students of Dato Meor and still active until now. Among of them, I met Cikgu Fadhil, the Deputy Chief of Pusaka Gayung, Cikgu Ismail Chik of Penang, and also Cikgu Baem (Ibrahim), one of the specialist in breaking skills in Silat Seni Gayung Pusaka.

Cikgu Siti Fadhilah, the daugther of Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman was also invited to award the Sandang to those who had given a lot of sacrifice to Silat Seni Gayong. Some were chosen to be awarded with the Sandang of Singa Malaya, Panglima Pelangi Hitam, Waris Beradat, Ketua Beradat, Khalifah Besar, Khalifah, Imam Gelanggang, Naqibah Gelanggang, Timbalan Imam Gelanggang and even Setia Bakti. Alhamdulillah, the time spent there, I had a chat with Cikgu Majid and other senior Master about the Sandang hirearchy in Pusaka Gayong.

Cikgu Siti Fadhilah was among the guest

Epol, Cikgu Fadhil & me

Cikgu Ismail and Cikgu Ibrahim

I was also introduced to the senior Gurulatihs as Cikgu Atan, Cikgu Din, and many others. They were generous to share many of their thoughts, their history and even their skills in the Gayong techniques. Special thanks to Cikgu Atan for the sharing. I know that you won't read this because of your "ban" to the yahoo-facebook-blog things, but I would really to express my appriciation for the spontanous locks at the lunch table! ;)

Cikgu Atan at left, prefer to cook than being in the Gelanggang during the grading


The time spent there was so meaningful for me and one of my student. I do feel that there is still the border between the Anak-anak gayong which makes us more and more saparated. I hold to the idea of we are One Gayong. One Mahaguru. One brotherhood. And this is the very first challenge of every Gayong practitioner in malaysia. I am sure that in France, or in oversea, this kind of problem is still not yet become critical. But if we don't do anything to change this, never that Gayong will be united.

We (Naga Rantau) intend to visit more Gayong Masters in Kedah next time insyaAllah. Whether the Masters are in Gayong Malaysia, Pusaka, Warisan, Pasak, Serantau or even alone in their own association. I hope that our sincere intention is not being menipulated by those who doesn't want to see us being good with everyone. Love for Gayong.


  1. Assalamualaikum cikgu.
    alhamdulillah. selalu dok baca gak blog ni. masa penutup tempohari dapat juga berjumpa. cuma tak sempat berborak sbb jadi pelatih. hehehe.. thanx for these wonderful pics... adala terselit sekeping dua dalam tu... semoga terus bertandang ke PSSPGM Gurun.

  2. wkumsalam cikgu,
    hehehhe salam perkenalan juga cikgu. takpa takpa, tau semua org sibuk trening utk grading. ;) apa2 pun tahniah buat cikgu dan team N9 sebab lulus ujian kenaikan bengkung. sya doakn silaturrahim ini berpanjangan dan semoga kita jumpa lagi insyaAllah. ada apa2 program, kalau sudi, jemput2 lah saya, boleh laaa masuk dlm blog. hehehe. ;)