Friday, January 6, 2012

Never forget "13th MAY 1969"

The drawing of Dato' Meor who was said to have had foreseen the insident. The crying eye, the red stars, the fire etc were the tellling horrible war.

The incident 13th May 1969 was a horrible memory to our country. The war had caused lives, properties and even the integrity of Malaysian. The civil war between Malay people and Chinese Malaysian was initiated by the racist movement of the communist partie among the Chinese and the was amplified during the General Election 1969. It was truely regretted and mourned for all Malaysian.

I met several Gayong masters who had been in the civil war. Most of them in were young at that time, and were ready to die in the name of protecting their families and faith. They used the bamboo, stick, stones, knives, machettes or keris to fight with the rifles and guns. The late Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman, was among the Silat Grandmasters in Malaysia who were called to the house of Dato' Harun Idris, the State Minister of Selangor. The purpose was to calm down the Malay people, after few tragedies of the massacre of Malay people by the extremist PKM (communist) and the chinese gangster. One of the most horrible was a pregnant Malay woman who was tortured and killed, been cut off her womb and brought out the unborn. The extremist used the iron hook which used for the pork (as to humiliate the sensitivity of Malay people) to hook the unborn child out from her womb.The story said that she however took back the unborn child and and hug him/her before died.

One of the Baju Perang of Dato' Meor

The woman tourturing-to-death was one of the kind happened during that time. The uncontrolled massive racist demonstration had sparked into a civil war in Kuala Lumpur. And that was the time where the "army of Red shoulder-strap" of Gayong was called in. One Dalang (warlord) for forty Panglima (knights). And there were few Dalangs. It was then only those machettes were seen flying, while the knights were all invisible. I am not sure whether the Dalang or knights could come from other Silat school, because the story that was told to me were from the Gayong Masters. But I do beleive all of the Silat Masters gatheres with their knights for the war.

The war-shirt in the photo was one that still safe in the kept of Cikgu Majid Mat Isa. It was painted with a war "wafaq" of Dato' Meor. It was a symbol of the Dalang. It was those who wore the "Selendang Merah". It was those who lead 40 knights during the civil war.... There were still the red-dot marks on the shirt. It was the blood that still remained on it.

I am not trying to remind our Malaysian folks any of these horrible things. Never I intend to touch the sensitivity of Malay, Chinese or anyone here reading my post. But the turth is, it happened, and it could happen again if we don't take the lesson from it. It key is the unity of Malay people, and the integrity of Malay-Chinese-Indian community in our country. All of us must understand that the constitution of Malaysia must be RESPECTED. Never forget what our old generation had fought for. We could live in peace, we could live happily. But this peaceful could be taken away from our people if we do not unite. Maybe we had taken the struggle of uniting our people lightly. It is then the time to react.

As the prime minister had said once, Silat Seni Gayong is the 3rd defense of our country after the Army and the Police. Never let the different politic views saparates us away. Never. Our old folks had been there before, united. I am worried if it happened, (wanau'zubillahi min zalik, may God protect us from that happens), Gayong won't be ready in that time, because has been busy of quarelling who will be the leader, and who get that rights or not......

hayatilah..... tolong....hayatilah saudara saudari segayong ku!!!


jangan di tepuk susu di dulang

anak harimau tak dapat menyusu
jangan di pecah rahsia hulu balang
nanti harimau hilang kuku

jangan di tepuk darah di dulang

anak harimau mencari ibu

jangan di pecah mantera hulu balang
nanti harimau hilang asu

jikalau ada dulang di tangan

jangan biar jatuh terhempas
jikalau ada senjata di tangan

jangan biar orang rampas

pecah gayong di dalam dulang

dulang hanyut di lautan tujuh

pecah gayong perpecahan sayang

di suatu masa balek berpadu teguh

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