Wednesday, February 29, 2012

GCP Naga Rantau Ke Kedah: Cikgu Badek

Little Dragon Aryan with other Naga Rantau students with Cikgu Badek

Cikgu Baderuzzaman was taken and raised by the late Dato' Meor since the age of my little Aryan in the photo. Cikgu Badek didn't fill in the position left by his late father easily. He had to 'parcour' a difficult way same like the other Anak Gayong.

If I'm not mistaken, when one of my Master had just his black belt, Cikgu Badek had already 3 stripes of blackbelt. Cikgu Badek told us many stories about the late Mahaguru. He tols us how close Mahaguru with the king of Perak. And their relation was not only a Rakyat-Sultan, but more than that.

Cikgu Badek also explained clearly what happened exactly when Gayong Warisan was born. It was the mistakes of certain people who caused PSSGM with the registration of 361 died. Gayong Warisan was made by the Masters to save the our Silat Seni Gayong family.

Our visit to meet Cikgu Sazali, Bonda Siti Fadzillah and Cikgu Badek trully as a coincidence of the mision of "Yayasan Dato' Meor". I do hope that this time we can unite under one roof.

Naga Rantau with Cikgu Badek

We arrived at the assembly of perpaduan gayong with cikgu Badek and his team of Alor Setar. I would like to thank Cikgu for accepting and welcoming us in your house. Hope to meet you again Cikgu! ;)

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