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Cikgu Fadhil, Cikgu Ismail Chik, Cikgu Sazali, Cikgu Badek, Cikgu Majid, Paklang Aris.

(credits to Cheeze Nan)

My point of view from Himpunan Raksasa Perpaduan Gayong

The 25th of February will be another date in the history of Silat Seni Gayong. Since the late Dato' Meor passed away, the family of Silat Seni Gayong has been politically broken and saparated due the the internal problem among the brothers. But thanks to Allah, the problem of Gayong Brotherhood had attracted the attention of the country leaders, expecially the Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib, whose father, the late Tun Razak was also the Prime Minister and Anak Gayong. The matters of Gayong is the matters of the united Malay people. Gayong has been a medium where the Malay people, who has different political view, gather, in the name of Islam and Melayu. Gayong is the place where the loyalty is only for the Head of Sultan of Malaysia.

Year by year, generation by generation, the saparation of Gayong becomes more and more critical. And it hurts for those who understand the wish of the late Dato' Meor of uniting the Anak Gayong. And the main Gayong organization of PSSGM and PSSPGM had never find a right way how to reunite the heart. Finally, we hear the word of "Yayasan Dato' Meor" from the Prime Minister. I am a member of Alumni Yayasan Tun Razak, and I know how this kind of system will work. I am optimist that the Yayasan Dato' Meor is a a right method to unite us all in the same roof.

Bonda Siti Fadzillah, Cikgu Sazali and Cikgu Badek are among those who were present.

I came with 25 university students of our Gelanggang Naga Rantau, Universiti Malaysia Pahang. We live in Pekan, and we are Anak Gayong. We came to support our leaders and Cikgus for the meaningful event. Gelanggang Naga Rantau is a university student club. We have the Gurulatih and students from all of the various Gayong families. That's why, from the beginning, our vision is for the United Gayong!

I hope that everyone of us put the political view behind, and start to work together. Every Gurulatih has his/her own strong team and Gelanggang. But we will be much stronger if we work together.

Sometime, it just flying into my head. "If I cannot change the whole nation, I will do my best to change all of my students vision by making them understand the principles of Gayong...".


My favorite Urusetia, Cikgu,

who had calmed down hundreds of guest at the T-shirt booth. ;)

credits to Cheeze Nan

Cikgu Ehsan, Cikgu Haziq, Cikgu Hakim, Cikgu fahmi, Cikgu Saiful, Cikgu Amir

(Gelanggang Naga Rantau)

with Pak Ngah Izahar of Batu Kurau and Cikgu Mat Puteh's son, Cikgu Noriman

Cikgu Majid took the Adat Keris. The Keris was "made" by one of my Master in Kelantan... Guess who? ;)

The Prime Minister was accompanied by Cikgu Majid's sons: Cikgu Tuah, Cikgu Jebat, Cikgu Kasturi, Cikgu Lekir and Cikgu Lekiu..

(credits to Cheeze Nan)

The Brothers

Mejar Fitri

Behind: Cikgu Jad and Cikgu Faiz

Spear Combat

Team "Gayong Bercantum" dan Cikgu Mufti

Cikgu Ismail dan Cikgu Fairuz

With Cikgu fairuz

Geng Cermin Mata Hitam. Tapi sorang ja ada tu. keh keh keh

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