Wednesday, February 29, 2012

GCP Naga Rantau ke Kedah : Pakcik Kamari Melan

Anak-anak Naga Rantau with Pakcik Kamari Melan

Our GCP trip to Kedah also was a meaningful one since we had a time to visit Pakcik Kamari Melan, a nephew of the late Pak Hussin Kaslan of Singapore. Pakcik Kamari was happy to meet the young Naga Rantau students since he is not so strong enough to be at the assembly.

After my our meeting with the late Pak Hussin and now with him, I personally get a clear understanding about the "Gelaran" which is told to be so special by Dato' Meor.
Pakcik Kamari was called Kumbang Hitam, and not only him as he told. His partner also, a Boyan origine, (if I'm not mistaken) Cikgu Said, was called as Kumbang Hitam. He said that their Pentas was so violent and had pleased the late Dato'. Dato' said their Kumbang Hitam suited a lot their moves during the pentas.

We had registered the interview, and hope that all of the knowledge that he shared with us would bring the benefit to every each of us. Last but not least, hope this won't be the last visit to his house...

In the photo: Pakcik Kamari with his family and the late Pak Hussin and Cikgu Rahim.

(Cikgu Rahim was till young and handsome. Sekarang pon masih hensem aper hehehehe)

Alhamdulillah, I personally felt so thankful of that precious moment of meeting this old Master. I had lost many chances to meet many Masters who had passed away when I was still in France. So I will do my best to be be a good student of Gayong while still in Malaysia! Cikgu Onn Jadi and Cikgu Sham KSSG are both the "explorer" of Gayong Master. Thank you for showing a good guidance for the youngsters! ;)

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