Sunday, February 12, 2012

Perdana Gayong Dunia & Jubli Emas ke- 50

With Cikgu Mufti, Cikgu Rasip (photo credit to Cikgu Rasip)

Team Naga Rantau with Jen Para USGF (credit photo to Al-Kalantani)

International Representants (photo credits to Che Mohd Hanif)

Panglima-panglima Naga Rantau,
cikku-cikku (sebut ala2 french heheh)

Dato' Adiwijaya, the president performed during the event.
(photo credit to flickr Najib Razak)

Dara, me and Saleh representing Gayong France
(photo credits to Syahrizad Akmal)

Cikgu Sani Morni (p.c to Syahrizad Akmal)

Cikgu Mufti Ansari cutting the flesh....
(c.p to Syahrizad Akmal)

Gelanggang Naga Rantau with YDP Pahang,

Cikgu Rahim Masrom a.k.a Naga Chini

Alhamdulillah. PSSGM had just successfully organized the International assembly of Silat Seni Gayong. The assembly had gathered 6000 Gayong Panglima and Sri Kandi, with more than 20 contigent representing the States, and even countries. We were honored to represented by United States of America, France, United Kingdom, Syria, Tunisia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. The demonstration were also done by the president of PSSGM himself Dato' Adi Wijaya Abdullah of breaking the bricks with his head and hammer, Cikgu Rasol and his partner of bending the ron rod with throat, and by the senior Master, Cikgu Mufti Ansaari with the slicing and cutting the hands and throats with his sharp Golok.

I were asked to represent Universiti Malaysia Pahang and France, with our very new student a French anak Gayong, Saleh and Dara. All together we are 60 students from Gelanggang Naga Rantau, with 2 buses from UMP. We moved early in the morning and arrived at the place of event at noon. Our YDP Cikgu Rahim Masrom bring his team from Chini, Cikgu Aziz came with his team from Bentong, Cikgu Anuar with his team from MRSM, Cikgu Bajan, Cikgu Farizal and Cikgu Faiz bring their team from Kuantan and UiTM Jengka.

As expected, PSSGM Pahang again were honored to have Cikgu Azman, from Pahang, with his partner Cikgu Jaimin, the son-in-law of the late Cikgu Siti Kalsom, to perform their best Parang demonstration, the real "Parang Gila" duo during this memorable event. Not forget to mention the presence of the senior masters, whether directly or indirectly, Cikgu Nordin (perlis), Tok Mail (Melaka), Cikgu Anuar (selangor), Cikgu Kahar (Selangor), Cikgu Mustafa Kamal (Selangor), Cikgu Sani Morni (Selangor), Cikgu Aziz (Selangor), Cikgu Rasip (Pusaka Selangor), Cikgu Muhammad Nor (Selangor) and others.

Unfortunately I didn't see some Masters, who normally must be present during that day, especially the Masters, representant from Perak.

Special thanks to my brother Cikgu Joel Champ, and sister Cikgu Jen Para, and of course my elder brothers Cikgu Jazwan and Cikgu Shamsul for always being a very good Gayong France counterpart since the beginning. Also to sister Cikgu Aminah of Gayong UK and your lovely....stud...son... err... lol. And to Cikgu Jazwan's guests of Indonesia, (damn I just forgot the first name), Cik Cantik and Cik April of Panglipur. Please send my very best regards to my brother Guru Mas Cecep! ;) Hope to see you all in Indonesia. ;) Finally, thanks to Master Mufti Ansaari for the demo. That was really kind of you of making that happened! ;)

I met also my Kelantan team, led by Tok Ayah (Cikgu) Abdullah and Cikgu Ibrahim Yasok, and of course the "negeri" secretary Cikgu Hanif. At the same time I got the chance to meet again my Pasir Puteh brothers, Cikgu Wan (now at Cameron Highland), with his white uniform of Wasit, and the others. In a simple word, the event was one of the annual event that we have to keep. The main problem of course the budget, but I am sure by maintaining a good management system, we'll be able to make our bond stronger with this event.

Finally, ntah sapa laaa yang amek bendera France ambo. Nak bergambar masa event dah abes dgn bendera, bendera pula hilang. Sapa2 yg teramek tuuu bagi balik nooo... bendera ambo tu ade sentimental value tu.. huhuhuuh



  1. Salam...
    A great and memorable event indeed.

    Tapi seriously akim, awat makin membesaq ni?

  2. Salam bro jail. Hahaha, lpss kawen n dpt anak xberenti mmbesar lg ni. Inout lg bsar dr output keh keh keh. Abg jail, dtg ke x hari jubli tu?

  3. Xpa kim, janji bahagia. X dpt pi sbb keja. Sblum ditukar tarikh tu mmg kami dh siap planning tapi tuls xdak rezeki. Apapun alhamdulillah coz everything went well.

  4. Indonesia girls are Senyuman and Dian. :) Amina's son is Yeop.

    What a great event! USA was honored to have been there and to have stood shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the international Anak Gayong!