Wednesday, February 29, 2012

GCP Naga Rantau ke Kedah: Pak Andak Majid

GCP ("Gayong" Cari Perigi)

Just before leaving Kedah, we had a nice moment visiting Pak Andak Majid at Gelanggang Pusat Pusaka Gayung. For most of anak Naga Rantau, that was the first time ever they met one of the senior Master of Silat Seni Gayong, who used to be the Dato's right man. Many questions were asked, including the Adat, Amalan, Pelajaran and Sejarah. Cikgu Majid Mat Isa, as humble as usual, politely replied to all of the questions of the curious Naga Rantau who came far away from Pekan and Gambang.

Cikgu Majid also shared with us the small Keris that was given by Dato' Meor to him, and handed over to him by a Kerabat, after almost 22 years after the death of the late Mahaguru. The twin Keris with the Qoranic verses, wrapped in the yellow royal clothes, is revealed to the public since the exposition in Gurun last December.

Keris pemberian Dato' Mahaguru kepada Pak Andak Majid

As usual, we met many of the Cikgu of Pusaka Gayong and had a chat with them. I personally asked the Naga Rantau students about the trip. All of them felt that the time spent in Gurun is too little and should have more since the generousity shown by the Masters there had motivated them to stay longer.

Just before leaving, we took some photos with Pak Andak and hope this won't be the last trip of Naga Rantau to Gelanggang Pusat Pusaka Gayong.

TAKBIR!!!! ;)

Naga Rantau @Gelanggang Pusat PSSGPM

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