Friday, August 7, 2009


The truth is, my first Silat teacher was Cikgu Adi, the son of Cikgu Awang Daud. It was in 1996, and our school for the first time opened a Silat club of Silat Seni Gayong Pusaka Malaysia. After 13 years, I met again my teacher. But now he is little bit different: Married, 3 kids, and more muscles! (and also I see no more "jambul" on his front hair LOL) He conducts the ADMAA (Awang Daud Martial Arts Academy), as his father, Pak Su Awang Daud, will survey the training. The late Cikgu Zul (son of Cikgu Awang) , also was one of my teacher.

After they left Pasir Puteh, the Gelanggang was taken by Gayong Malaysia under Pak Jab from Kota Bharu. I was then trained under Cikgu Wadi but still continued to train under Ayah Sik and Ayah Si, who were hardcore disciples of ADMAA. I still remember of our Tiger face ADMAA signboard at the side of the main road of Kg. Gong Serapat. Most of the technics taught were Gayung Pusaka and ADMAA.

The training at Cikgu Awang Daud's house was so intense. I realized that I was targetted as a punching bag of Cikgu Awang Daud that night. What an honor!!! I can testify that everything that I learnt from Ayah Sik at Pasir Puteh is completely as SAME as what he showed me that night. Cikgu Awang Daud is a "generous" man as he gave us many "fruits" (buah!) until 2 in the morning. And of course, eventhough my chest, my hands, my throat, my legs, and my head were full of pain, I slept with a big smile as finally I met the teacher of my teacher!

In the morning, we had our breakfast Roti Canai not far away from his house. I took the chance of going to pay a visit Cikgu Majid Mat Isa. He is a master full of knowledge and principes. We met Cikgu Zali from Bera who bring his students from Pahang for Mandi Perlimau from Cikgu Majid.

Wishing that I had more times to spend there, I finally had to remind myself that I got a flight at that night from KLIA to France. InsyaAllah, God willing, i'll come back again. It was a short but meaningful journey for me. The bus trip: Kota Bharu-Slim River-Butterworth-Sungai Petani-Gurun-Ipoh-Slim River-Bangi-KLIA surely killed me, but for the sake of Gayong, I continue my steps to search for the treasures a much as possible before my time comes....

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