Thursday, December 3, 2009


I got a message from a guy from Ireland, asking about our Gayong activities in Dublin. We exchange some infromations, and seems that I don't know the Irish law concerning the use of the real weapon during a Silat training at the public park, I asked him to explain me if he knew something. I still remembered when my students there quickly hide those knives when they saw a Garda car (police in Ireland) and told me that here (in Ireland) we don't have right to bring sharp weapon at the public place. I know that here in France there is no problem at all, as long as you don't stab the dog that bark at you with training knife or chop down the flowers at the Buttes Chaumont public park with your machete! Here is his reply. Hope this would assure Anak gayong there! ;)

message from A.D:

"Ok i discussed with the owner of a martial arts shop here.

He said that it is not illegal to use blunt knives, but just that if people see you in the park training, they might think that it is a real fight with real knives, and so become afraid. If most people are using uniforms, and rubber knives are used that might be helpful. But if all the people are wearing clothes that arent uniforms, then the police might even think it is chinese gangs fighting in the park, cuz the triads HAVE fought eachother with weapons in public before.

Like he said, there is nothing illegal in it, its just Irish society generally doesnt have public displays of martial arts, so any fighting they think is real. So using rubber knives, might be the way to go, because they can not be mistaken for dangerous weapons.

this link gives information about having a knife in a public place in ireland. It says you cant have a knife or a sharp or a pointed article, BUTTTT if you have a good reason to have it in public then that is an acceptable defense.
So that means if the Garda give you grief under s.9 of the firearms and offensive weapons act 1990, you can state same act allows for reasonable possession.

Hope that helps"

Me: That helps a lot A.D! Thank you for sharing the information! ;) Cheers!

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