Friday, December 11, 2009


After the coming of Cikgu Kumbang Hitam and Cikgu Anuar here, it is our turn to make Gayong things move of the north west of Europe. Eventhough Gayong was born in a hot and humid country of Malaysia, it doesn't mean that Anak Anak Gayong cannot resist the Ireland's freezing wind and it's devastating Butler's chocolate. ;)

We are going to make a reunion (which could be some training and seminars) at Limerick and Dublin during the period of 31th Decembre until 5th January. Hopefully everyone can participate and co operate for this important reunion of Silat Seni Gayong Ireland.

Don't forget to bring your Gayong uniform, and training tools! (Pisau, Simbat, Keris etc.)

But the most imoprtant is, Safe Journey, Safe Home

turas maith, slàn abhaile

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