Thursday, December 17, 2009

IT'S SNOWING : White Capital....

The best moment during winter that everyone is waiting for is the snow. People who is going outside for work by car or train would suffer to death to arrive at the destination with a such of heavy snow like this. This year the temperature is colder, the snow is heavier, to compare with last year or the years before. I heard this is the sign of the green house effect. Instead of having a warmer winter, the reverse effect seems to apply effectively makes the temperature goes down and Paris is decorated by the white snow all over the capital since 8.30 in the morning. Now it's already 11.25, and the snow is still falling down heavily.

I love when it's snowing, as I love when it's raining in Malaysia, but still worried if the train is punctual when the time I want to come back home. They foresee that the snow will continue until tomorrow, and even to saturday, which I estimate, will permit us to have a snow ball war around our house! hhehehehehee

Unfortunately for me, still at the university, while the lecturer couldn't come in the morning due to the snow. I me I just discover in the train that I'm going to have an examination this afternoon. The worse part is that I didn't bring any of the notes. We'll see if I can survive the test or not!!!! Hehehehhee.

For my Ma at Pasir Puteh, sorry a lot for not calling you lately. The reason is that I got no more telephone line since one month and still waiting for my scolarship to fix that! Pray for your son here, and I miss you so much Ma! ......

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