Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Our Gayong seminar last weekend was blessed with a heavy snow with the low temperature of -6 degrees. But this doesn't mean that the wheather condition could stop us from practising our Gayong. If at Malaysia my Master Cikgu Amin Hamzah made me walk on the burning charcoal, I made my students walk train on the snow with their barefoot!!! ;)

The seminar was our last training this year. How beautiful God arranges everything. The best seminar (where we had so much fun because of the snow), it was also the birthday of Danish, a talented 6 years old boy, who is able to copy (almost! lol) my silat movements! I am sure that if he stayed in the path of Silat, he must be one of a good Cikgu in the future! His brother also has the same interest of Silat, which has an ability to remember the Kerambit and Simbat Berantai by just looking and train himself at the back of the Dojo. Both of them surprised me! ;)

They remind me to my Anak Buah/Anak Saudara (nephews and nieces) at Malaysia who also will ask me to teach them some Silat stuff at the first sight when they saw me! I was quite since being in France, I didn't spend much time with my family in Malaysia. Everytime going back to Malaysia, it's always for the "search" of Gayong. I know it's hard, but I am thirsty the sweetness of Gayong. Don't worry my Anak Anak Buah, your Ayah Ngah will be available really soon to teach you Gayong! ;)

Our sister Carole, had just became one of Gayong family. Hopefully she will always stay in the path of Gayong. I met her just few months ago since teaching Gayong in Paris. Alhamdoulillah... May Allah guide and bless you my sis! ;) Amin..

I didn't expect this present from Carole. Well, now I have a new cover for my iphone. C'est la classe... that's how we said here! Merci Carole. Thank you to Benjamin, Laurent, Steph, Fred and his wife (and their baby), Cérile and his wife, Jennifer, Elodie, Charlote, Lili Rose, and not to forget Cikgi Nyz, Fawwaz and Danish for celebrating my anniversary! Thank you and love you all so much! ;)

Too brutal... not soo Gayong France, but instead we prefer more the Narapatinantaboga! lol ;)


  1. Thank you so much Cikgu! That was an impressive ceremony and it meant a lot to me! May Allah help me to improve my gayong and be a good anak anak!:)
    thanks a lot for that special winter seminar!

  2. you're welcome Carole! insyaAllah may you find the way of Gayong clearer and easier to you! ;)