Sunday, January 24, 2010

Buah Berangan

Woh Berange Panah-Panah ni Abe wooiii....

Nothing is better than a warm and fresh French "Berangan" fruit during a cold and tiring day after school. It is just that the french version is bigger than it's cousin found in Malaysia. This reminds me a lot to the local song, in Kelantanese dialect that we used to sing most of the time, le song the Buoh Brange (Berangan fruit). I know that in certain village, there must be a slight different in terms of words and pronounciation, seems we did't learn it from book, but rather from repeatition among the children.

Time: 9 pm
Location: "Bouche du Metro" of Colonel Fabien
Temperature: 1 Degree
Vendor: vous voulez combien Monsieur?
Me: Vous vendez comment?
Vendor: 1 euro petit ou 2 euros grand.
Me: 2 euro svp
Vendor: Tenez!
Me: Merci... (..but not satisfied 8S )
(I found that the vendor will give you more Berangan fruits in 2 packets of 1 euro each than one big packet of 2 euros. Hehheehhe)

Cak Klepuk Klepi Klepa
Buoh Brange Lokoh Kulik
Akak Cghano Takdok Bakka
Maghi Same Kito Balik
Lek Lek Gung
Pok Salik Keno Singung
Sigung Sigung Samak
Samak Naik Nyo
Jupo Atu Gamak
Wak Laghi Masok Gol
Cak Kokpek Kokpek Kecuk

***Ahh.... I miss my village!!!! ;)***

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