Thursday, January 21, 2010


Ayat Tujuh...

"Ayat" is meaning the sentence. But in Silat, Ayat is the Quran versus that we recite, depending on what we need to do. Every single Quran word is protected by the Angles. That's why no one can try to change the content of Quran. The Prophet Mohammed saw always said in many of his hadith fadhilat (merits), informing the virtues of certain Quran versus that can be a cure for sickness, the easiness in doing something, much barokah, and even to protect your self and your family from any danger. Ayat can be also in Malay words, but beware, refer to the Muslim scholars if you are not sure about the meaning of the Ayat. This type of Ayat is known as Mentera or Jampi in Malay words.

Allah know best...

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