Monday, January 11, 2010

Gayong France Photo Session

Gilles of

Last Saturday, I was having a photo session for Gayong France. Gilles, the editor of website Masterfight came with his big equipment on that cold and snowing day. We were three, me, Ben and Gilles. Gilles was a Viet Vo Dao teacher and now he concentrate on his research on the martial arts.

He made an excellent work during the photos session. Hope that this project will be realized as soon as possible for the sake of Silat Seni Gayong. Thanks Gilles, thanks Ben, and thank to me too! hehehehehe.

*About 1500 photos were snapped during the whole day. It's hard too stand still with your kick high in the air! ;)


  1. You are welcome Hakim !
    Read is good for health, practice Pencak Silat is good for life !

    A bientôt

    1. Alors qu'a-t-il été fait de ces photos?