Wednesday, January 6, 2010

SSGI Gayong Seminar & Belt Award Ceremony

Alhamdoulillah, the belt ceremony and gayong seminar had been held perfectly. Unfortunately not everyone could attend due to personal obligation, seems that most of Anak Gayong in Dublin will have their examination in a week. I would like to thank Taro, the president of SSGI, and the comittees of Association of Silat Seni Gayong Ireland. Normally I should have come with Cikgu Anuar from Limerick to handle this program, but he couldn't make it. InsyaAllah next time we'll do it again together. Thanks a lot to Bro Anuar and Kak Aisyah for welcoming us at your house in Limerick, and bring us to visit the breathtaking Cliff Moher.

Gayong Limerick: Cikgu Anuar's house

For Anak-Anak Gayong Dublin, especially to those who came to Limerick,to those who worked all night to edit and to print the certificate ,to those who trained all night long the Kuncian and the Pisau, to those who cook and bring the food, to those who clean and prepare the hall, to those who went searching for the knives and belts, to those who participated the seminar and the ceremony, and to those who welcome us at their house, and cooked, and even locked in the toilet at 5 o'clock in the morning after the training! hehehhehehe..

We were trying hard to save Buya...

Homemade tools

The victim. Now we believe that he has a toiletphobie syndrom...

For those who received the belts (Haris, Taro, Chot & Feer), it is your duty and reponsibility, as the seniors at Dublin to make sure that the activities must be continued. For the new comers, I wish you all Bienvenue, Welcome and Selamat Datang. Eventhough we didn't make the Mandi Tapak for the time being, insyaAllah we'll make sure that by March every Anak Gayong will have completed the tradition. Prepare for your grading, while at the same time don't forget to learn the non-syllabus Gayong lesson, especially now Cikgu Anuar is in Ireland! ;)

Pose in front of camera




Advices for the seniors and juniors...

Yellow (Kuning Rendah) holder

Red (Merah Rendah) holder

Red (Merah Rendah) holder







Sijil & Bengkong.....



Training the Seni Cindai

Buah Kaki

Praying & Yaasin Recitation

BUka & Tutup Gelanggang

Sawa Berendam/Sinking Python/Python Sousmergé

Training hard

The grading results

Rais (Kuning Tinggi chula 3)
Fadhlil & Hariz (Kuning Rendah)
Izdza (merah tinggi chula 3)
Chot & Taro & Eroz (Merah Rendah)
Asrih (
2), Tun (2), Muhaimin (2),
Fahim (
3), Liyana (3), Munirah (3), Ju (3),
Ammar (
4), Ipin (4), Feer (4), Syikin (4) & Diana (4)

The belt holders, don't forget to put the Chula on your belt!!!

Thank you very much once again and I pray that we will meet again really soon... Amin! ;)


  1. seronoknya!!! sedihnye tak ade kat ctu.. huhuhu..

  2. xper Diana... Sijil Diana saya simpan, bagi masa kursus kt Batu Feringgi nanti .. ehem ehem! ;) heheheh kami pun sedih juga, sebab ramai yang tak datang. dalam ramai2 yg grading dulu, 4 jer dtg. kira2nya syahdu juga lah hari pnyampaian bengkung aritu...

  3. Cikgu... sijil Saya Macam mana??? aduyai...
    diana nnt kite g amik bersama... wakaka

  4. ambooii cikgu jent, dah bersuai kenal nampak??? hohohohohoooho ! ;p

  5. mantap! teruskan perjuangan...