Sunday, January 24, 2010

Seni Lembing

Malay Spears...

Lembing and Tombak (Spear and Javelin) is one of the weapon that we learn in Silat Seni Gayong. The lesson is placed under the advance level in our school, which means that one at least must has a sufficient knowledge of other Gayong weapons (Simbat, Pisau, Keris & Parang) before learning it. This art is herited from the legendary Laksamana Megat Terawis, the warrior from Perak, who was then became the Bendahara there. As like as Keris, Lembing has the Khatam ceremony. The ceremony called as Khatam Lembing, must be done at the waterfall.

The term of Tombak is actually always confused with Lembing. The Tombak, normally has a blade like a leaf, (straight and fine form like bamboo leaf or short and curved like standard tree leaf) with a pointed part at the end of the holder. It can be use to slice, to stab, to block, to hold, to pick, and even to lock the enemies. The Lembing,in the other way, has a Keris-like form of blade. It's wavy blade, with a light and balanced weight is supposed to be used for throwing to the enemies.

It is not as easy as learning the Simbat. Lembing or Tombak is longer, and has a sharp end. One need to master it's size first, meaning that we train to take account the attack and defence distance. The Asas, Asas Serangan and Asas Elakan are among the good exercice to familiarize with this weapon. After that, one must train to master it's weight. The Gerakan Tombak Pecah Empat is good as training. Everyone must have seen how Cikgu Awang Daud's battle against Omar Syarif at the sea side in the Loceng Maut movie. Eventhough it is a choregraphy, but still it shows a lot of Tombak application in the battle.

Kunci Lembing, is the best part. This is how you lock your enemy with your Lembing/Tombak, a by using his own Lembing/Tombak. And of course, the Pentas is the one that every young Gayong practitioner prefers! The choreography will help every student to learn the "Tapak", polish his skills of "Elakan" and "Serangan", and especially, to have a feeling like a 14th century warrior having a duel with the Tombak! ;)

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