Tuesday, January 26, 2010


it was during a hard time as a student. it is not easy to have two commitment at the same time. being an engineering student makes me weak and don't spend enough time for what I always love to do: practicing Silat. luckily, I was invited on that weekend for Gayong seminar at Limerick and Dublin.

The cliff was beautiful, subhanallahal a'zim... I took that chance to continue my Gayong Blues of Amok series. It was just couple of minutes, but I was suffering like an old man. ah.... stamina oh stamina....! need you now! I didn't expect that the tourists stopped by and clapped their hand after I had done my movements. Well.... at least, a Silat practitioner is also an artist, am I right? and an artist deserve some appreciation. We should have prepared a cap for anyone who would give a tip for the demo! hehehehehhe

hopefully, 6 months in Malaysia by this March will permit me to train as much as I want. When we learn a lot, we teach a lot. And that's why most of the time, we spend much more time on teaching than training.

Cikgi Nyz start to criticize my belly size. Ok my dear, fine! You will see in couple of months, I'll get my previous cut again! heheheheheh (kalo tak fit balik mampos...!)

training training training!!!!!!!