Thursday, January 21, 2010


during a perlimau tomoi, Gong Pacat, Pasir Puteh

Tomoi is one of Malay martial art that is popular and widely practiced by many nothern Malay. Tomoi Siam, or internationally known as Muay Thai, is one of Kelantanese game. Being a Kelantanese in a small ville like Pasir Puteh, we live with Silat Jatuh (Tari and grappling), Silat Tongkat (Silat with stick) and Tomoi. Ahhh... what a good memory in the young age. It has been three years that I stopped my muay thai activities, due to the busy life full of exam and Gayong activities. Must find a new gloves for the next 6 months travel to my country! ;)

I am proud of one of my friend, Cikgu Kacak, who is a school teacher somewhere in capital, but still sharing and developping the Tomoi school that he learned previously to the new generation. He is a friend of mine, and if I'm not mistaken had learned Gayong for two years when we were at Kamil secondary school. As far as I aware, only both of us who still "loyal" to live in the martial arts world and make it professionnally, eventhough when we were younger, many of us were the practitioners of Silat and Tomoi.

Ok, wish you a Congratulation and Bon Courage, Cikgu Kacak! ;)

***start to find that it's hard to do the 300 times pumping (tekan tubi)! heheheh****

Cikgu Kacak and his students


  1. Assalamualaikum Che'gu Hakim,
    Salam se-Gayong.

    Being a part of East Coast residents, tomoi practitioners are people who deserve not to be messed with, same as those Lian disciples in Kuantan.

    Despite the fact that international martial art observers have the tendency to refer tomoi as being a malay version of Muay Thai, I doubt that it is true. The statement itself speaks the origin of tomoi; as the people of Thai's origin, which is wrong.

    Thai people have their own martial arts. Krabi Krabong is a good example of their original art.

    Instead, tomoi (and her sisters such as Muay Boran, Muay Chaiya, Muay Korat, etc) are Siam origin.

    Now here comes the intriguing part. Do Siam and Thai are the same people?

    The answer is, both Siam and Thai are NOT the same people. They came from different ancestors.

    Ancestors of Thai people, being Buddhists, are not the same as ancestors of Siam people who were Muslims. As a matter of fact, their language is different.

    There is still a small community in the state of Kedah who speak Siam, but not Thai. And many Kelantanese are indeed Siam origin, but they are not Thai origin.

    Our history has been twisted for many generations. And now Siam-land has become Thai-land.

  2. Waalaikumsalam Sir Pök Déng. Everything that you said about the Siam identity is true. Siam is not Thai. Siam people, who speaks "Siam" is what we can find now as our own accent in Kelantan. We can travel easily to travel from Narathiwat until Suratthani but still can use the Siam language. I am totally agree with you about that!

    But unfortunately, people nowadays are confused with the origin of this deadly martial art. For most of them, Muay Thai is from Thai people. The Thai rulers who came to conquer the land of Siam people... it was sad, but it's true!

    Hopefully more and more people should know the fact that it is our culture, and our own martial art! ;)

    Thanks brother Sir Pök Déng, thanks Cikgu Kacak.