Saturday, August 28, 2010

AU REVOIR LA MALAISIE!!! (after 6 months...! )

the last photo for the last training....
(acik n master Kahar)

Perhaps this is the last photo for our training at the Nirwana Gelanggang of Master Cikgu Kahar Redza. And this should be my last training in Malaysia. Even though it is the holy month of Ramadhan where most prefer to have a rest after a long night Terawih prayer at the mosque, certain just couldn't stop to come and to seek the knowledge from the senior masters. Since couple of months in Malaysia for my internship at UPM, I was grateful to have been training in KL and Selangor with some Gayong masters. I would like to express my gratitude to Cikgu Kahar Redza, Cikgu Jazwan, Cik Nor, Wan, Adek and other Gayong Cikgu who made the training at Nirwana cheerful. And also to Cikgu Mufti Ansari, Kak Ji, Cikgu Wan Kancil, Abg Zahar, Cikgu-Cikgu, Brothers and Sisters and all students at Panglima Hitam Gelanggang at Desa Jaya, Kepong, thank you very much for the knowledge taught and shared. Not to forget to Cikgu Radzwan Razak a.k.a Black Panther, Cikgu Zul the python, Cikgu Din and all of Skuad 170 at Kajang, merci beaucoup for the kindness and "craziness". Hehehhe.

To Dato' Adi, Cikgu Mus, Cikgu Anuar and Kak Nora at the Gayong headquater, thank you for spending your precious time to respond to my question and all the "papers". Last but not least, to Dato' Wan Fauzi who always says Ok when we want to pass by his house. Oh! Forgot to mention, sorry sorry sorry, Ustaz Zahari from Hulu Selangor and the gang, Cikgu Hamzah (young) and his shah alam team, Cikgu Hamzah (senior) and Cikgu Selamat, Cikgu Sani Morni, Cikgu Ezhar Abbas, Cikgu Tahir Bangsar, Cikgu Mat Serawak, Cikgu Sulaiman Sharif, Cikgu Samsuddin US, Cikgu Norazaman UPSi and his Reyokiwara team (Cikgu Jent, Cikgu Man, Cikgu Johnjenin heheh and others)

Ok, finish "thanking" the Selangor and KL Masters... fuuuhhh... ;)

To father Cikgu Amin Hamzah, thank you for your knowledge given, trust and understanding. My Gurulatih, Cikgu Azizan (chula hitam), timo kaseh banyok-banyok, and the Singa Malaya team of Ustaz Alem, Ustaz Atik, Cikgu Jeri, Miji, Deli, Ali, Cikgu Hasnul, Cikgu Syed and Cikgu Hafiz UK. And also to other Cikgus of Serantau Perak like Cikgu Sidek, Cikgu Mokhtar, Cikgu Jai and all Gurulatihs there.

Thanks to Pak Ngah Izahar, Ustaz Khalid and Cikgu Sazali, and also to the Taiping (Abe and the gang) and Batu Kurau students (Li and the gang).

Thanks also to Cikgu Mazlan Hashim of Pekan, Pahang.

Also, thank you very much to Tok Ismail Jantan, Puan Mariam, Cikgu Mad and all Gayong Gurulatih of PSSGM Melaka (Cikgu Hairol etc.), Johor (Cikgu Azhar Daeng etc.) and Singapore (Cikgu Ramli,Ummi Kamaria etc.) sorry I just couldn't remember everyone, for that last lovely ceremony.

Many many thanks also to Cikgu Awang Daud, Mak Su, Cikgu Adi, and all ADMAA team. Also to Cikgu Majid, Pak Ngah, Cikgu Tuah, Cikgu Jebat, Cikgu Kasturi, Cikgu Sham, Cikgu Kohar, and all Pusaka Gurun team. Thank you Ustaz Mursyid, and lastly to Cikgu Badekruzaman.

Thank you thank you thank you to PSSGM Perlis, especially Mak Ngah, Pak Ngah and Eddy for welcoming us last time. A hundred miles of traveling from KL to Perlis was worthy after being paid by Laksa Perlis and Pulut Ayam! ;) hehehhehe. And thanks to Cikgu Nordin who forced himself to welcome us even though he was not well last time.

Many thanks to Cikgu Nasir, Cikgu Muzairi, Ayah Lan, Abe Di, Faiz, Warid, Adi and all Bachok team for many unforgettable things.

Finally, thank you also to Tuan Haji Mansor, Pak Jab and family, Cikgu Ibrahim Yasok, Cikgu Suhaili Che Soh, Ku Rashid, Tuan Sanusi, Abe Z and all Gurulatih from gayong Kelantan (Ustaz Nik Iznan, Cikgu Ali ADMAA, Cikgu Joe Gayong Tempur, Cikgu Suhaimi Gayong Paduka) . Without all of you, I won't be here in my place today.

And to all brothers and sisters of Silat Seni Gayong, thank you thank you thank you for your support, appreciation and prayer to us Gayong France!

I am so sorry if I didn't mention your name here, but just knowing that you are all in my heart! ;) 6 months in Malaysia is not enough to know every Gayong Masters. But insyaAllah, I'll spend more time to learn and to collect as much as possible the Gayong pearls before they perish by time. Oh God, please bless us our searching for the knowledge and brotherhood..... Amin!!!! ;) I would like to ask my apologize if during our encounters any of my words or actions had hurt anyone accidentally. Or perhaps intentionally during the "self-defense" of my honor. Thank you again everyone, and pray for my success of my final exam (I got some papers!) and final year projects presentation at France from 15th until 21st of September 2010. I'll be gone for couple of weeks from now and hope to see you again at the end of September. God bless you all.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.....


  1. Salam Cikgu Saiful,

    Insyallah nanti kita akan berjumpa lagi pada 2.10.2010. Gambatey..


  2. Salam Cikgu... Rindu Benar Kami (reyokiwara) sama cikgu akim....
    bila laa dapat kasih sayang dari ckgu akim ni..
    huhu... jupe nnt ye ckgu.... InsyaAllah... perjuangan cikgu, perjuangan kami...
    wakaka wakaka

  3. Hahahhaa..sabar ya reyokiwara...nanti balik la 2 Cikgu akim kita...hahahhaha...

  4. salam cikgu jent, salam pendekar gayong... insyaAllah semoga urusan kami di france dipermudahkan dan dipercepatkan agar sempat pulang ke tanah air 2 oktober tu... saya usahakan agar dpt datang, seorang atau dgn murid gayong di sana... ;)

  5. salam, abang hakim, send my regards to abang farid in France... GBU

  6. ok warid, beres. ni pun dok area rumah dia ni. hehehehe