Monday, August 2, 2010

Experiencing the Voyage of Khatam Lembing

Master Cikgu Ismail Jantan

Khatam Lembing is one of the tradition that Anak Gayong must undergo. After learning and training the art of spears, it is the time to be tested by the teacher. Master Tok Ismail Jantan (Tok Mail), the Gayong master of PSSGM Malacca, organised the Khatam Lembing at the waterfall Jeram Toi, Negeri Sembilan. The participants came mostly from universities and schools all around Malacca, but there were Gurulatihs came from different regions like Johore, Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan, and even Singapore!

The ceremony started at night with the spiritual training. It is important to complete the spiritual requirement of Doa and Zikir all along the night before being tested in the morning. There was also the Mandi Tapak, as a group of beginners being blessed by the Master to enter the Gayong family. For the students who had already taken their Mandi Tapak, they gathered to take their Mandi Seni. But it is not a normal Mandi Seni. After shaking their hands with Tok Mail, we were allowed to witness a paranormal view. Everyone of the students were laying their hands on the water container, and Tok Mail hit the hand with a sharp sword (strictly verified by me!) with a continuous 5 to 7 strikes. But not even a trace nor the cuts left on the hand. It reminds me a lot to the Mandi Seni of certain senior Masters. It is said that in the old days, it is normal to do such of the test during the Mandi Seni to build up the confidence among the students.

Pakcik with his grilled Ramly burger and hot "air akar kayu"

Well, a good sleep will guaranty an active day tomorrow morning! So every student went back to their tent to sleep....except some stubborn "KeluangMan" Gayong students who preferred to go out and get some hot Ramly burger and fresh herb drinks from the 24 hours "Pakcik"'s Kedai Kopi! hehehehehe. The owner, Pakcik, was also a Gayong student. We spent all night long to discuss and even to take some "petua" and "doa". After that, (almost 5 o'clock in the morning!) everyone spent the night in the car.

one of the Otai Keluangman, Cikgu Zahar.... hehehehe

We were 4 slept in three cars. The car of 2 brothers was chosen to be "greeted" by a "man". I was told by Pakcik that the forest is resided by two big family of "orang Bunian". Their car was shaken and that woke them up. They said that they see one of the brother passed by their car and accidentally pushed the car. But the brother that they were talking about denied it and told us that he didn't come out from the car after entering it to sleep. Who was exactly came and pushed the car to wake them up remains unanswered. Hehhehehehe... ;)

Keluangman lagi...

muka blur di pagi hari. tak percaya dengan apa yang berlaku di malam semalam. heheheh

In the morning, after completing our Fajr prayer, we were told to prepare. We took our breakfast lightly and I knew that was the time to get known each other. It was the first time for me to meet the Gayong students of Melaka and other groups under Master Tok Mail. As I expected, the ice was broken easily and quickly! As long as we hold the name of Gayong, everyone is like brothers and sisters. Surprisingly I met one of my ex-Gayong student Munaji from SMK Kamil. He now continues training and learning Gayong with Puan Mariam and Tok Mail. Alhamdulillah, once you are Gayong, never leave it!!! :)

Jeram Toi

I dare not to disturb him! ;)

amboooiii... panjangnye senyuuuummmm... ;p

Puan Mariam prepared the "kuih-muih" (patisseries)

Peace peace peace, kamu jangan nakal...! ;)

Cikgu Ramli from Gayong Singapore

waiting for the breakfast

"Ibu-ibu Gayong"... :)

Cikgu Azhar Daeng

She preferred taking her morning bath with her Gayong uniform... ;)

The Khatam Lembing ceremony began with the "opening bath" for those who didn't do it yet before. It was a bath with flowers with the waterfall water. After that, the ceremony began. Anak Gayong made a line, and walk under the waterfall, which had been tied a Lembing and had been stretched a yellow cloth, to signify that Anak Gayong is honored to take his "spear's water" under a Royal blessing. After walking for several times, each student than stood up on the rock, while the Master, Cikgu Ismail Jantan threw as powerful as possible the javelin to the student. As he said, to be a Hulubalang (Knight), one must now just avoid the javelin, because it risk to hurt the person at our back. How could a knight avoid the javelin and let it hit the Sultan? A knight must catch it. A knight must use it to attack the enemy back. So every student during the Khatam must catch the Javelin. Alhamdulillah.... everyone managed to catch the "sacred" Javelin! ;)

Master Tok Mail observed the area...

began with briefing..

concentration: Cikgu Zainal at right of Tok Mail

the javelins...

passing under the waterfall..

throwing and catching for everyone

After that, all students were feasted with 7 types of sweet Malay patisseries, and White and Red Bubur Nasi, and Yellow Pulut with Chicken Curry. One must finish all of it. A symbol of gratitude and how much do the "art of spears" we received. The ceremony than finished by the Doa Selamat and a nice beautiful photo of the participant! ;)

doa selamat...

the patisseries.... yummy! ;)

enjoying the patisseries after a stressful test! ;)

Cikgu Hairol: I've seen him doing the Lembing's Tapak Pecah Empat since many years. Now grateful to meet the actor! ;)

listening to the advices...

Master Cikgu Mad

Posing in front of camera

karenah anak-anak Gayong... ;)

all together... ZATTT!!!

Thanks a lot to Master Cikgu Ismail Jantan and Puan Mariam for the invitation to this lovely ceremony, Cikgu Zainal, Cikgu Hairol, Cikgu Azhar Daeng, Cikgu Azhar, Ustaz (from Johor) Cikgu-Cikgu of PSSGM Melaka, PSSGM Johor, PSSGM Singapore, and all of the Cikgus, Gurulatihs and Anak-Anak Gayong who were present there. This is Gayong. Silaturrahim is our pillar, and searching the Ilmu is our mission! ;)


  1. Miss the place when I'd Khatam Tombak 1st time at Jeram Toi with Tok Mail in 2007 (if not mistaken)....

  2. ;) khatam 2007 tu di tempat yg sama ke Bro. El?