Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Blessed Cat

Tet was still shivering after the incident...

We have two cats. One is called Joix, a male originated from France. Other is named Tet, a female brought from Kampung. But this female cat made me a lot of stress lately. I don't know why, but she seems to be in a mating season. She doesn't want to get close to her French macho "Male" but instead prefers the uneducated and dirty male Cats around the block 26. Since we leave at the 8th level with a constant elevator problem, we do exercise everyday bringing couple of kilos stuff climbing the stairs one by one. But the problem with Tet is that every time we go out and open the door, she will run and escape from the apartment and go find her lovers. Every time she did that I caught her back after speeding with world 100 meters record after her. And of course, a nice painful slap to her ears is a must to warn and educate her to not do that again.

But human errors is ever where. Some our family members just ignore when Tet was escaping. To search her back is tiring but we always manage to find her in the another day. But one time, we lost her for a week. We searched everywhere of every thirteen levels of our block. But we failed to find her. I almost made a publicity to announce the lost and somebody could return the cat to us if had taken it.

In the morning, when I wanted to go to UPM, strangely my motorcycle doesn't want to start. It was 6.45 am. So I've to wait my wife so she could drive me there. I waited until 7.15 a.m and then we went to the car. Just after few meters we moved, we was surprised to find our Tet was wandering without any destination, and perhaps looking for foods. We stopped the car and run to get her happily. She was then brought to home and we loved to see how she ate and drank after a whole week outside with couple of raining days.

She was happy and played cheerfully with Joix. They ran, they wrestled, they jumped. But few days after her lost, during the Sahur time, we couldn't find her again! We looked many time everywhere but no trace. I took a peek at the window, and at my surprise, I saw Tet was on the veranda roof of 5th level!She was probably fall down when playing with Joix seems our veranda was open. She was staying on the roof helplessly, perhaps still nervous and hurt. I then rushed to 6th level so I could get her from the veranda. But ringing someone's house at 5.30 a.m in the morning is something which is not welcomed. A guy went out, with a sleepy face, asked me why. I told him about our "Kucing" (cat). He closed the door and came back after couple of minutes. He said nothing was there. And the roof was broken, it must have fallen down to the fifth floor. So I went to 5th floor. The Chinese Makcik was yelling at me because her roof was broken by my cat. When Tet fall, a plate size of her green plastic roof was broken. (Is that the only thing that you would asked Makcik?) But I didn't find my cat there. Luckily one Indonesian woman from the previous 6th floor apartment shouted that the cat was at her veranda. We went there quickly and she said that her son heard that we asked a "Kunci" (Key) instead of a "Kucing" (Cat). That's why he didn't find any key there.

Ooo my Lord. Me and my wife, we climbed up again the stairs to our house, and exhausted and thirsty. We took the breakfast (Sahur), eating the rice and meat, but forgot to drink water because of the cat. When we arrived it was already Azan for the Fajr prayer. Nevertheless, we passed our Ramadhan day with a smile at face. Tet, feeling fears, she doesn't want to jump anymore on the veranda wall. She spent most of her time sleeping with us, while doing her "sucking" like action to my wife's hair like a kitten getting milk from her mother. Hehhehehehe.

To my French Joix, daddy didn't save your Tet. God does. If the fifth floor house didn't make a renovation to enlarge their veranda and have a wider veranda roof, Tet would have fallen from the 8th floor to the ground. You still got long life Tet!!! ;)

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