Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Aiseehh... aritu muat lagi baju lama ni! ;p

One main problem when we are sportive and has an active life is that we will gain weight once we stopped the activities. That photo was taken in 2008 (at France), just 2 years ago, and I was still manage to fit in my ADMAA silat uniform when I was thirteen years old! Hehhehehe. But now I won't dare to try it as it could be a suicide to me! lol

As a Gurulatih, having a nice shape, the high stamina and good reflect is a must. And it can't be obtained by just training and teaching the students inside the Gelanggang without we also train ourselves. One method I find effective is by joining any martial art or sport club as a new beginner, and enjoying be bullied by the trainers so we can break all of the fat in our body and the laziness in our psychology! By the way, that's how the late Mahaguru wants the Gayong Gurulatih to be: fit and "macho". That's why one is called "Panglima" (Knight). Not only he/she got the knowledge of the art, but he/she shows it in her personality.

As usual, my wife complains my belly size which could be as big as hers when getting pregnant! So I must take care a lot to my nutrition as during Ramadhan the sportive activities are limited. She asked me to fit in that old silat uniform again by the end of this year. Could I do that??????? 8D hehehehe. We'll see in this December. I made her my promise. (damn! but I do love double cheese lamb Kebab!!!)

***Gelanggang Pasir Puteh used to be an ADMAA (Awang Daud Martial Art Academy) club when Cikgu Awang was in Kelantan with his sons the late Cikgu Zul and Cikgu Adi***

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